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Top 10 of the Funniest Zinc Jokes and Puns

What kind of metal was the Titanic made out of?


The science teacher is in trouble for slapping his student

The parents phones says "I'm sending two coppers right now to charge you with battery."

He says "You can't charge a battery with two coppers. You need a copper and a zinc."

A student asks his chemistry teacher

Student: Do we get zinc sulfate when zinc reacts with sulfate?

Teacher: I zinc SO

Zinc joke, A student asks his chemistry teacher

I asked my girlfriend if she thought chemistry jokes are funny...

...she said" I don't zinc so"

I think pennies are made of copper and zinc

But that's just my two cents

What will happen to a bar of brass if you drop it into a tank of water?

It'll zinc.

Where is the best place to clean metals?

In the zinc

Zinc joke, Where is the best place to clean metals?

Copper and zinc are very close.

I guess you could say that they are CuZn's.

How does Zinc wind up Copper ?

It invites Oxygen round, always guarantees a reaction.

I like my women the way I like my zinc precipitate

Dirty and white

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