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50 Cent

Or as he's known in Zimbabwe, 400,000,000 dollars.

I hear there's a huge 50 Cent fanbase in Zimbabwe...

Or as they call him there, 400 Million Dollars.

Who is a Minion's favorite politician?

First ever president of Zimbabwe, President Banana

Zimbabwe joke, Who is a Minion's favorite politician?

What country always follows Zimbabwe?


Did you know Zimbabwe loves the rapper 50 Cent?

Or as he's known there, 400 billion dollars.

A penny saved...

... is 350 Trillion Zimbabwe dollars earned!

I'm a big fan of 50 cent

Or as he's known in Zimbabwe, 10 billion dollars

Zimbabwe joke, I'm a big fan of 50 cent

My friend who lives in Zimbabwe says his favorite favorite rapper is 50 cent

Or as they call him down there, 100 million dollar.

50 Cent released an album in Zimbabwe

You probably haven't heard of it, because he debuted under the name "Million Dollar Man"

What do you call someone from Zimbabwe holding a bottle cap in their hand?

A trillionaire.

They said Brexit would let us get closer to non-EU countries.

They were right, we now have more in common with Zimbabwe than ever before.

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What's 50 Cents name in Zimbabwe?

400 Million Dollars

What do the African nations Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Mozambique, Zambia, and Swaziland have in common?

A lot of da Z's.

Why DeviantART is filled with Zimbabwe pics?

Because they love inflation!

I'm a millionaire- how come girls still don't want me?

Living in Zimbabwe with me isn't that bad...

Hillbillies have been outcasted to Zimbabwe

It's now called Jimbobway.

Zimbabwe joke, Hillbillies have been outcasted to Zimbabwe

If I had a Zimbabwe dollar for every time I'd say "If I had one dollar"

I would probably still not have a dollar

I really love 50 Cent...

...Or as we call him here in Zimbabwe, '200 million dollars'.

Where is the capital of Zimbabwe?

In a Swiss bank account.

What Do You Call A Poor Zimbabwe Citizen?

A trillionaire.

I like 50 cent too.

Or as we call him here in Zimbabwe, 10 billion dollars.

Have you ever had authentic Zimbabwean food?

The people of Zimbabwe haven't

What do they call 50 Cent in Zimbabwe?

The 400 million dollar man.

Where did zimbabweans get their food before they started hunting and foraging?

At a local supermarket

This just in...

The Prince of Zimbabwe has disguised himself as Patrick Dempsey in yet another attempt to take your money. Don't fall for it.

What do they call 50 Cent in Zimbabwe?

6 trillion

Q. What did Zimbabweans do before candles?

A. They had electricity.

Why do you put up a string across zimbabwe?

So that the children can play in the shadow

She said she will love me till forever comes...

only to find out Forever is her boyfriend from Zimbabwe

What did Zimbabwe have before candles?


My friend recently had surgery, and tells me he feels like a million bucks

Sadly, he lives in Zimbabwe

We're big fans of the rapper 50 cent!

Or, as we call him in Zimbabwe, 400 billion dollars.

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