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A zebra dies and goes to heaven

He meets Peter at the pearly gates, and decided to ask him a question that had been nagging him his whole life. "Peter, am I a white horse with black stripes, or am I a black horse with white stripes?" Peter is stumped, so he tells the zebra to ask the big man himself. So the zebra clip clops into heaven, and one day meets God. He finally gets enough courage to approach him and asks the same question he asked at the gates. God immediately replies "You are what you are, son." The zebra is even more confused than ever. After a few days, the zebra runs into Peter once again, and tells him what God told him.

"Oh, you're a white horse with black stripes!"

The zebra asks Peter how he could have possibly deduced that from Gods answer. "Well, if you were a black horse with white stripes, he would have told you 'You is what you is'"

A zebra meets God.

All his life the zebra always wondered whether he was a black zebra with white stripes, or a white zebra with black stripes. He thought about this often but never came to an answer.

Well, one day while he was out and about, he was shot by a hunter. When he arrived to heaven, he was face to face with Saint Peter.

Realizing where he was, the zebra asked Saint Peter if he could as God a question.

Before he knew it, the zebra was face to face with God. "What is the question you wish to ask?"

The zebra then said, "All my life I have been wondering this, my Lord, am I a black zebra with white stripes? or a white zebra with black stripes?"

Without hesitation, God replied "You are what you are." Before he knew it, the zebra was back with Saint Peter.

"Did he answer your question?" asked Peter.

"Not exactly..."

"Well, what did you ask him?"

"I asked whether I was a black zebra with white stripes or a white zebra with black stripes."

"What was his answer?"

"All he said was, 'You are what you are.'"

"Oh!" exclaimed Saint Peter, "that means you're a white zebra with back stripes."

The zebra was confused as to how Saint Peter knew this and asked him, "How do you know that?"

"Because," said Saint Peter, "if you were a black zebra with white stripes, he would've said, 'You iz what you iz.'"

A zebra spent most of his life wondering if he was white with black stripes or black with white stripes.

One day the zebra passed away and went to heaven. When he met Saint Peter at the gates the zebra asked him which one he was only to have Saint Peter reply by telling him he would have to ask God for such information. A few days later the zebra met God and asked him the same question. God replied by saying, "My son, you are what you are." The Zebra was confused by this, and upon seeing Saint Peter again a few days later, told him what God's reply was. "That's your answer, friend. You are white with black stripes." The Zebra asked Saint Peter how he came to that conclusion, and Saint Peter said, "Well, if you had been black with white stripes he would have said, 'My nigga, you is what you is.'"

A zebra and his stripes

One day a zebra was conflicted on whether he was actually black or white. So he goes up to his friend and asks, "am I black or white?". His friend replys, "only God knows the true answer". So the zebra sets off to ask God. After much discussion God tells him, "you are what you are". Disappointed, the zebra travels back to his friend. As he approaches his friend eagerly says, "what did he say??". The zebra says, "all he said was you are what you are". His friend replies, "Oh you're white then".

"how do you figure?" the zebra says.

His friend replies, "well if you were black you'd be you is what you is".

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