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A man walks into a chiropractor's office...

A man walks into a chiropractor's office and says, " doc, youve got to help me...I think I'm a moth." Doc says, "I can't help you, youve got to see a psychiatrist." Man says, "yes, I know." "Then why did you come here?" "The light was on."

Do you know about the hipster CIA operative?

[Redacted] has done everything in the CIA but youve probably never heard of him.

Youve heard of a dine-and-dash, but what's it called when you're getting a haircut?

A clip and dip.

chinaman goes to see the eye doctor

so a chinaman goes to see and eye doctor, having problems seeing.
doctor says "ah i see the problem, youve got a cataract"
chinaman says "no i drive a rincorn"

if you're up till 11:11 pm, you can make a wish.

But if you're up till 11:11 am, youve got no hope.

if a tree falls in the woods and no one is around to hear it, youve found the perfect place to have a nickelback concert

credit goes to twitch chat.

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