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What do you call a group of reactors?


In 2024 Al Gore decided to run for president again.

His campaign hinged on a song he made to promote the dangers of global warming. It was so popular it became a meme.

After a while, everyone was talking about Al Gore, and, sure enough he became President.

When asked on the News, "How do you think he won," two fallen YouTubers stated, "You can't beat the Al Gore Rhythm."

What do you call hypocrite , autistic , cringy , lying delusional human beings ?

Youtubers (90%)

Annoying Youtubers are like flies

They bother you for too long, you SWAT them.


I don't know, but if you upvote and comment down below you will be entered to win a level 40 PokΓ©mon Go account with shiny PokΓ©mon and all types of PokΓ©mon!!

What do YouTubers and Jared Fogle have in common?

They both sell out for subs.

Why are the youtubers who came from vine, much funnier on vine?

Because you only had to see them for six seconds.

Why are YouTubers like sailors?

They're always saying I... , I...

What do you call a lizard that hates fortnite youtubers?

An Ali-hater.

ASMR YouTubers see someone absolutely stunning

They be like "yeah I'd tap dat"

Why are YouTubers such terrible underwriters?

No matter what they see, they like and subscribe!

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