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"Darling, your teeth are like stars."

"So yellow and so far apart..."

Yo momma's teeth are so yellow

When she smiled at traffic, it slowed down

Yo mama's teeth are so yellow...

She stood on a street corner and smiled, and traffic slowed down

Your teeth are like the stars

Yellow and separated.

Are your teeth cold?

Then why are they wearing those yellow blankets?

(You just licked your teeth didn't you?)

I once told someone their teeth looked like stars....

Yellow and far apart.

Wife: "Honey? What do you think about my teeth?"

Husband: "They remind me of stars... yellow and far apart."

Why did French use yellow as the color for their angry vest movement ?

It fits so well with their teeth.

What's yellow and bad for your teeth?

A school bus

You have beautiful teeth,

Me: They remind me of a song

Girl: Really? What song?

Me: Black and yellow

Yo daddy's teeth are so yellow...

People think he has a bad, BAD aim!

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People are like teeth...

Most of them are yellow.

Wow! Your teeth look just like stars!

Really shiny, yellow and far apart.

I don't drink coffee.

It yellows your teeth, makes you jumpy, and you crave it all the time. That's why I smoke crack.

Your teeth are so yellow

...that cars slow down

yo mamma

yo mamma teeth are so yellow the sun said it was to bright

Why does Wiz Khalifa brush his teeth?

Plaque and yellow, plaque and yellow, plaque and yellow.

Yo Mommas teeth are so yellow I can't believe it's not butter.

Yo' Mama's teeth are so yellow, when she closes her mouth, her cheeks light up.

Yo mamas teeth are so yellow she helped Dorothy get to the emerald city.

Yo mama's teeth so yellow, I can't believe its not butter.

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