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Your mum's so fat she doesn't need the internet...

she's already world wide.

Your mama so fat...

I was gunna make a movie about her - around your mum In 80 days but I changed it to mission impossible .

Your mums so fat

No amount of upvotes will lift her to the top of the trending list

Your mum Is so fat

Her picture falls off the wall

Your mum is so fat that when she entered an ugly contest they said, "sorry mam, but no professionals."

Yo mumma so fat...

Yo mumma so fat that she needs two wristwatches, one on each hand because she's in two timezones.

NOTE: I'm Australian so I spell the word mum with an 'u'

Mum got mad when she asked me to roast a chicken for tea

Apparently "Yo mumma so fat they call her chicken *BIG*" wasn't an acceptable response.

Your mum is so fat..

That she eats the fruits of her labour.

Your mum's so fat

She's thicc with a triple C

Your Mum's so fat

She's a waist of time

Your mum is so fat when she sat at the back of the bus it pulled a wheelie.

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Your mum is so fat when she went on the scale it said, "To be continued..."

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