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The heaviest things in the universe

3 - Neutron stars

2 - Black holes

1 - The collective weight of the people who thought this was a yo momma joke

Yo momma's pussay is like the white house:

No bush, and there's a black guy in there now.

Science joke about yo momma!

Yo momma's fat she generates her own gravity field and her mouth has been classified as a black hole!

Yo mommas so black

she has been marked absent at night school.

Yo momma so fat, she fell into a black hole and it clogged!

Yo momma's so old, when she was young, rainbows were black and white.

Yo momma is so black when she went outside the street lights turned on.

Yo momma is so fat...

That when she was at the water park and bent over to pick up her sun glasses people started lining up for the 'Black Hole'

Momma's little black sponge

Another yo momma joke

Yo momma so fat she emits more gravity waves than colliding black holes

Yo momma's so fat, they sent her into space and she clogged up a black hole!

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Yo momma's so black, it looks like she's been swimming in soy sauce!

Yo momma is so black, that when she was sitting on my couch, I thought a cave had suddenly formed on it.

Yo momma is so black she makes Akon look like Casper.

Yo momma's so fat, she wore a black bathing suit to the pool and everyone yelled "oil spill!"

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