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Yo moma is so stupid....

she could observe the particles in the double slit experiment and still get an interference pattern

Yo moma so ugly...

... that we forgot she's fat.

Yo moma is so fat

That whenever she try's to photo bomb, she ends up being a back drop.

Yo moma is so...

good looking, what happened you?

My parents were both artists

I call them MoMA and Dada

The MOMA announced that they were opening a new section in the museum for art from Madrid.

Nobody expected the Spanish exhibition.

Yo moma so fat...

Yo moma so fat she's only fast when she's asleep.

So sorry.

Yo Moma Is So Fat

That a neutrino can't pass through her.

(Credit goes to my friend for coming up with that)

You come to an art space to hear some jokes

Your Moma this, your Moma that, occasionally there's a Dada joke.

Yo moma is so fat, and so nasty, when she sat down on the toilet, grown men fall out of her screaming "We're free! We're free!"

Your Moma is so fat the only words she knows is the universe.

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Yo moma so fat she jumped off the Grand Canon and got stuck.

Your moma is so ugly...she could make medicine sick!

yo momas so stupid when theives broke into her house and stole the TV she chased after them shouting ''wait you forgot the remote''.

Yo moma so fat she wears trashbags for socks.

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