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Your mom is so fat she starts the alphabet with the letter "O"...

O B C D...

Your mom so fat..

Her favorite jewellery is the food chain

Your mom is so fat

Her memory foam mattress drinks to forget.

What do Rudolph and your mom have in common?

They'll both let fat men with eight bucks ride behind them.

Little Timmy walks in on his parents having sex

He sees his mom bouncing up and down on his dad. "Mommy, what are you and daddy doing?" The parents, obvioulsy very embarassed, are trying hard to make up a harmless explanation. "Uhm... I'm a... I'm sitting on daddys tummy to make all the air go out of it... because he's a bit fat..." stutters his mother.

"There's no use in that, mom. The maid always blows the air back in when you're not there"

Little boy asks his mom

Little boy. Mommy why were you bouncing up and down on Daddy's stomach last night?

Mother. Well if I didn't do that that he would get fat.

Little boy. Well it'll never work Mommy.

Mother. Why is that.

Little boy. Cuz after you bounce up and down in his stomach the babysitter blew him back up again.

A kid asks his mom why she's always bouncing on Daddy's tummy

This kid went to ask his mom one day why she's always bouncing on Daddy's tummy. He didn't understand and would assume that it would hurt.

The mom responded that she was doing that so that Daddy's tummy would not bloat up and get fat.

The kid then replied, "Mommy, that's never going to work because the babysitter keeps blowing him back up."

Your mom is so fat and racist...

Her bra size is KKK

Mommy, why were you bouncing on Daddy's belly last night?

Mom: "Because his belly has become fat recently, and I need to help him lose weight."

Boy: "But that won't work."

Mom: "Why not?"

Boy: "Because the babysitter keeps blowing him back again."

My wife was worried that she was going to get fat, just because her sisters are fat, her mom is fat and her grandmother was fat. So I bought her a Peloton.

She broke the cycle.

Your mom is so fat

That yesterday someone tried to convince me she was flat

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Do you know why blue whale is called blue whale?

Because it wasn't fat enough to be called yo mom!

Fat guy walks into a doctor's office

He says "doctor, I think I have obesity. My mom had obesity, my dad had it, and evan my uncle has obesity."

Doctor replies "sir, the problem isn't that obesity runs in your family."

"The problem is that nobody runs in your family"

How to loose belly fat

Little Johny walks to his mom and starts asking her about what he had seen the previous night while sneaking around the house.

Little Johny: Mommy, mommy why ware you jumping on daddy's stomach last night?

Mom: Johny you're old enough to know the truth... your dad is getting obese so I need to jump on top of him to help him loose the belly.

Little Johny: I don't think that's going to work mommy.

Mom: Why do you say that?

Little Johny: When you leave for work the neighbor comes in and blow him back up.

The boy was upset when he came home from school...

Mom I was sent home from school.
Why is that? ask the concerned mom.
First the teacher asked what you get from sheep. I said wool. Then she asked what you get from a pig. I said bacon. Then she asked what you get from a fat cow. I said homework.

Jonny comes home with two black eyes.

"What happened to you?" asks mom.

"Well," says Jonny, "I was riding on the bus this morning and there was a big fat woman
sitting in front of me. She had her dress caught up in her crotch, so I pulled it out, and she
punched me."

"That accounts for one black eye," says mom, "what about the other one?"

"Well," says Jonny, "I could see she did not like that, so I shoved it back in."

Your mom is so FAT....

She can't save files larger than 4 gigabytes!

Why a flat earther can't joke about your mom.

She's so fat, they can't see her curvature from ground level.

(My attempt at an original "yo mama joke")

How do you know when your girlfriend is getting fat?

When she starts fitting in your moms... nevermind I take that back. No one's ever gonna be as fat as yo mama.

My mom just posted in our family group: "It's our fat ones birthday today!"

She is referring to our cat.

10 minutes later, I get a message from my dad: "Happy birthday kid."

My name is Alex.

My mom was going to name me 'Alec,' but she knew I was going to be fat.

So she decided to make my name plural.

Your mom is so fat...

She has smaller fat women orbiting around her.

ur mom is so fat

she runs at 30 fps

You are what you eat...

What you thought I'm a cannibal?

No, I'm just explaining why your mom is a fat cow!

Researchers say Bigfoot was finally discovered and captured on a mountain trail recently. Despite it's enormous size, it proved easy to capture due it's very low intelligence. The head researcher was shocked by just how fat and dumb it was. The beast will be held in captivity for a while.

In related news, your mom won't be returning from her hike anytime soon.

How did I get so fat?

Every time I bang your mom she makes me a sandwich.

As a social experiment, I wore a fat suit for 1 month.

It was a test to see what it was like to be your mom.

Your mom is so fat

Even Jesus couldn't lift her spirits up.

Yo mom a so fat she wore a Malcolm x shirt and a helicopter landed on her.

My wife was worried that she was going to get fat one day - just because her sisters are fat, her mom is fat and her grandmother was fat. So I bought her a Peloton.

She broke the cycle.

Your mom

Your mom is so fat, that when she is at the beach and goes in the ocean, she enters international waters.

Your mom is so fat

"Before you continue, you should know my mother is dead"

"sorry man, I didn't know"

"That's OK, it's still better than having your mom"

Your moms so fat...

she could be on OKCupid.

My friend's Mom and Dad are really fat...

He told me it runs in the family.

Nice try, but no one runs in your family

What's the correct instrument for measuring how fat your mom is?

A size-mom-meter

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