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  1. My 7 Year Old Cousin just told me this yo mamas so fat when she fell down no one was laughing but the ground was cracking up
  2. What do your mom and yo mama jokes have in common? They're both getting old but are still enjoyed by many.
  3. Yo mama so fat and so old When god said let there be light, he told her to move out of the way
  4. Yo mama is so fat and so old... ...that she's currently rolling over in her gravy.
  5. Yo' Mama is like a television: even an old man can turn her on.
  6. Yo mama.. is so old that Steven Spielberg used her as a dinosaur consultant in Jurassic Park
  7. Yo Momma so old, God was her first boyfriend.
  8. Your Mom is so old. She was around when your Mama jokes where funny.
  9. Yo mama's so old she used to babysit Jesus.
  10. Yo mama so dumb she used old spice body wash to cook.

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  1. Yo mama so old Her chiropractor a paleontologist
  2. Yo mama so old... ... I told her to act her age, and she died.
  3. Yo mama so old... ...she preordered the Bible.
  4. Yo mama so old, She remembers the first repost.
  5. Yo mamma is so old she knew Burger King when he was a prince.
  6. Yo mamma so old she pre-order the bible.
  7. Yo mama's so old, Her first cruise was on the Ark.
  8. Yo mama so thirsty She climbed Mt. Dew.
    -- my 9 year old
  9. Yo mama so old, She goes on carbon dates.
  10. Your mama so old She watched the Flintstones live
  11. Yo mama is so old that ... She knew the dead sea when it was sick
  12. Yo mama so old Her blood type is OG
  13. Yo mama so old when she raised her eyebrows they fell off.
  14. Yo mama so old... In school, history was called present.
  15. Yo Mama so OLD She met Gary Oldman when he was Gary Numan.

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Yo mama jokes are old and overused just like yo mama!

Your momma is so old when her breast milk comes out it's powder.

Yo mama so old she was a waitress at the Last Supper.

Your momma is so old she has an autographed copy of the Bible.

Your mama so old her first Christmas was the first Christmas.

Yo mama so old her Social Security number is 1.

Yo mama is so old that when she farts, dust comes out!

Yo mama so old, she knew 50 Cent when he was only a quarter.

Yo mama so old, she had to babysit Jesus.

Yo mama is so old that the key on Ben Franklin's kite was to her apartment.

Yo momma's so old, she was told to act her own age, and she died.

Yo mamma is so old she has autographed Bible.

Yo momma's so old, they had to take her t**... to the natural history museum to find out what period it came from.

Yo momma is so old, her birth certificate says "EXPIRED."

Yo momma's so old, that when God said, "Let there be light," she had to flip the switch!

Yo momma's so old, she left her purse on Noah's Ark.

Yo momma's so old, when she was young, rainbows were black and white.

Yo momma's so old, she sat in front of Jesus in first grade.

Yo mama is so old, creationists deny her existence.

Yo mamma so old she has a Bible autographed by Jesus.

Yo momma's so s**..., she cooks Indian curry with Old Spice.

Yo mama's so old, she forgot her purse on Noah's ark.

Yo mama is so old when God said, "Let there be light," she flipped the switch.

Yo momma's so old, she still owes Moses a dollar.

Yo momma's so old, her first job was as Cain and Abel's baby-sitter.

Yo momma's so old, when Moses parted the Red Sea, she was on the other side fishing.

Yo momma's so old, she knew Burger King while he was still a prince.

Yo momma is so old she knew the Burger King when he was still a prince.

Yo momma's so old, Jurassic Park brought back memories.

yo mamma so old, that on her birth certificate says 'EXPIRED' on it.

Yo momma is so old that on her birth certificate it said expired on it.

Yo mama so old that when she went to the museum, people thought she was part of an exhibit.

Yo mama is so old, that when she farts all that comes out is dust.

YO momma is so old, I slit her t**... and dust came out!

Yo' Mama is so old, she dreams in black and white.

Yo mama so old Moses is in her year book.

Yo momma is so old, they use strands of her hair to carbon date dinosaur fossils.

Yo mama is so old that God doesn't remember her.

Yo mama so old...

Her phone number is 1

At my friend's house, her dad told us these jokes called "Mama mama jokes." I expected old fashioned "Yo' mama" jokes. I got these.

Mama, Mama, I don't like little brother!
Shut up and eat what you're told.
Mama, Mama, I don't want to go to Hawaii!
Shut up and keep swimming.
Mama, Mama, I don't like going in circles!
Shut up or I'll nail your other foot to the floor!
Honestly, I'm scarred.

An old married couple are driving down the road.

They run over a mama skunk and the wife insists that they go back and pick up the baby skunk.
She says to her husband, "The poor thing is freezing."
"Put him between your legs and warm him up." is the husband's reply.
"But what about the smell?" she asks.
The husband says, "Just hold his little nose and he should be fine."

Yo mama so old..

when she was young the hottest boygroup was Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

Yo mama so fat

Her shirt size has more x's than a 12
Year olds gamertag

Yo mama so old and ugly

When she looked at the ground she broke up Pangaea

A guy walks into a psychiatric ward to visit his old man.

As he sits down in the recreation room with his dad, he spots a schizophrenic kid standing on the table.
The kid starts targeting each person in the room, busting out the freshest, most incredible 'yo mama' jokes he's ever heard; true originality at its best.
"That's incredible," he says to his old man, "That kid's got an insane dis ability!"

My four-year old just said,

My four year old just said,
"Mama, stop making posts pretending you ever got laid."
I didn't know my dog was this observant.

Yo mama so old

She knew John Lennon before he had long hair!

The old man and the elevator.

An old man from the country takes his family to town for the first time. They're at the mall and the mall has an elevator. Him and his son are watching this thing in amazement as they never saw one before and was not sure what it was. An older lady at least 80 with Gray hair in rollers and a walking cane walks into the elevator. A few minutes later a beautiful 25 year old blonde with huge t**... walks out. The old man says to his son "Quick go get your mama".

Yo mama joke I thought of it

Yo mama is so fat and old that she's still eating from the last supper.
Edit : Jesus Christ this blew up. Didn't know so many of you had to release yo mamas from your system.


A doctor was walking down the street one day when he noticed coming towards him one of his 85 year old patients with a very beautiful, well-built young lady on his arm.
He was looking the happiest he had ever seen him.
When the old guy noticed the doctor he went up to him and said, "Well Doc. I took your advice and look at me."
Puzzled, the doctor asked what the advice was.
"You told me to get a hot Mama and be very cheerful," he replied.
"Oh no. I told you that you had got a heart murmur and to be very careful."

An old man was visiting his daughter and grandson

During the visit, the grandson crawled up into his lap and said "Grandpa, can you make a noise like a frog?"
"Why sure!" the man said & offered several croaking ribbit sounds.
Delighted, the boy jumped down and ran over to a nearby closet, working hard to remove a suitcase from the back.
"Now why do you need that all of a sudden?" the grandfather asked.
And the boy replied "Because Mama says we can go to Disney World when you croak!"

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