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Yo mama's so fat

she went out in high heels and came back in flip flops

Yo mama so fat. . .

I swerved my car to avoid hitting her and ran out of gas.

Yo mama so fat

Thanos had to snap twice.

Yo mama so fat...

Yo mama so fat she has her own gravity

But she so ugly people are still repelled by her

My 7 Year Old Cousin just told me this

yo mamas so fat when she fell down no one was laughing but the ground was cracking up

Yo mama so fat...

I pictured her in my head and broke my neck.

Yo mama's so fat

when she sat on a memory foam it forgot

Yo mama so fat

I swerved to miss her and ran out of gas

Yo mama's so fat

Her nose can't even run

Came up with this myself and was quite proud

Yo mama's so fat...

...she has to upgrade her data plan every time she sends a selfie.

Yo mama so fat...

...she had an heart attack while running an app.

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Yo mama is so fat..

..when she goes camping, the bears hide their food.

Yo mama so fat...

her carbon footprint turned to diamond.

Yo mama so fat...

That when she sends me nudes, my phone storage gets full.

Yo mama so fat...

Thanos had to clap to get rid of her

Yo mama is so fat that

when she walked in front of the TV, I missed 3 seasons of Breaking Bad

Yo mama so fat..

Your dad was attracted to her by the force of gravity.


Teacher: Can anyone use the word "fascinate" in a sentence?

Billy: I was fascinated by the sunrise.

Teacher: Good, but "fascinated" is past tense. Can anyone else try?

Suzie: It was fascinating to see the flowers grow.

Teacher: Good, Suzie, but you added an "ing" at the end of the word and made it an adjective. I just want to hear the verb "fascinate".

Ernie: Yo mama got a blouse with 12 buttons on it...but she so fat, she can only fascinate!

Yo mama so fat....

pickup lines don't work on her.

Yo mama so fat...

When she was buried, the flat earthers announced the earth is not flat anymore.

Yo mama so fat

When she sings.. it's over.

Justin told me my mama was so fat she had a gravitational orbit ...

I told him he doesn't understand how physics works, cause everyone has a gravitational orbit.

Then I informed him his dad is so massive that his gravitational orbit is so large, not even light can escape it — and that's why he hasn't seen his dad in 20 years!

Yo mama

Yo mama so fat, she went to a weight lifting competition and won 1st place for standing up

Yo mama's so fat the only alphabet she knows is her KFCs.

Yo mama so fat...

When she tripped, I didn't laugh, but the ground was cracking up

Yo mama so fat it's hilarious

I'm not laughing but the floor is cracking up

Yo mama is so fat that she needs cheat codes for the Wii fit

Yo mama so fat...

When she hauls ass, she has to make two trips.

Gimme your best yo mama jokes.

Yo Mama so fat her Patronus was a cheeseburger..

Yo Mama's so fat...

Yo Mama's so fat, even Spock thought she outweighed the needs of the many!

Yo mama so fat...

It takes more than a single processor to load her chunks.

Your mama's so fat...

Her shirts have more X's than Taylor Swift.

Your mama is so fat...

The NSA had to build a 2 billion dollar complex to store her weight information.

Yo mama's so fat...

...whales harpooned her.

Yo mama so fat...

that when she says 'no',
it's a mass protest.

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