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My wife really wanted a dog, so I bought her a pug.

Despite the squashed nose, bulging eyes and rolls of fat, the dog really seems to like her.

Be verbs.

The teacher asked the class to stand one by one and compose a simple sentence using appropriate be verbs.

"She is beautiful", said Kate.

"My dogs are fat", shouted Mark.

"I is...", stuttered Joe when the teacher interrupted.

"You always say 'I am'. Never say 'I is'", said she.

As fast as he could, Joe uttered,

"I am the ninth letter of the alphabet."

I don't understand how Elvis got so fat

He ate nothing but a hound dog

Why does the dog not appreciate being called fat?

Because he's just a little Husky.

What do you call a fat dog?

A little husky

Today i put down my favorite dog...

He was getting to fat to carry

I'm not saying my neighbor's dog is fat

But she's more than a little husky.

Why is a fat dog so afraid of the dog catcher?

Because they're paid by the pound.

Got the wife a Pug Dog yesterday, despite the squashed nose, bulging eyes and rolls of fat...

the Dog seems to like her.

My friend phoned me.

He said, "My wife has lost her new puppy. It's a fat hairy thing with bulbous eyes."

I said, "Great description, but what about the dog?"

You look nervous...

More nervous than a fat dog on a Korean life boat.

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Dogs are like fat people

They're all cute and cuddly until you try touching they're food

My dog is fat

If he weren't a king charles spaniel, he'd be a little husky

Yo momma so fat that the back of her neck looked like a pack of hot dogs.

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