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Courtesy of my youngest child - why didn't Elsa see a doctor for her sore throat and cough?

Because a cold never bothered her anyway.

My youngest son thought of this all by himself...he's a 38-year-old lawyer in Nebraska.

hahah brick!

There is a father and he has three daughters

The oldest daughter comes up to him and asks, "Dad, why is my name Lily?"

The father responds, "because when you were born, a Lily fell on your head."

Then the second oldest daughter comes up and asks, "dad, why is my name Daisy?"

The father responds, "because when you were born, a daisy fell on your head."

Then the youngest daughter comes up and says, "Muuughmmmummphhhhhh"

"Shut up, Brick!"

One day the youngest son asks his mother, "Mom, why do I look so different from all my siblings?"....

The mother says "Son, from what I remember about that party, you are lucky that you don't bark".

Youngest joke, One day the youngest son asks his mother, "Mom, why do I look so different from all my siblings?"...

One dark night, my youngest son was looking at a plane move across a clear sky...

... 'Whew', he said after it had dissapeared from sight. 'I'm never going to be a pilot.'

'Why?', I asked.

'Can you imagine how hard it would be to steer around all those stars?'

The daughter of the house walks over to her mom and asks:

"Mom. Why is my name Leaf?"

Her mother answers:
"Well, that is because when you were a new born, a leaf landed on your head."

Later the oldest son asks:
"Mom. Why is my name Feather?"

"That is because when you were a new born, a feather landed on your head." The mother answers

Lastly the youngest son walks up to his mother and says: "IhlaadskleblaΓΈdertmakusigalabongilahaudershirp!!"

The mother says: "Please be quiet, refrigerator"

And that's how people get their names.

Beth has three children.
One day, the youngest asks his mother: "Mom, why is my name Leaf?"
"You see son, when you were born, a leaf fell on your head."
The second child comes in. "Mom, why is my name feather?"
"You see, when you were born, a feather fell on your head."
The third child then comes in to his mother: "HNGHENENNENNEFSJNGDND!!!"
"Be quiet please, Refrigerator."

Theft at the cheese museum.

There was a theft at the cheese museum. The detectives searched everywhere but there was no evidence left to be had.
The curator was beside himself,
"Don't you have any idea who committed this atrocity!" He pleaded.
Then the youngest detective spoke up,
"Well I know exactly who it was."
Everyone stopped and stared, and as one they asked
The young detective replied,
"It's anonymouse"

Youngest joke, Theft at the cheese museum.

A Father wins a prize at a fair and has to decide which of his four children gets the prize

To try to find out he decides he will figure out which one is the best behaved child.

First he says, "ok which one of you has never talked back to your mom" they all just look at each other and say nothing

Next he says, "fine then, well then which of you has always done what your mom wanted when she asked?"

After this, the youngest child, clearly frustrated says "Fine Dad! you can keep the toy!"

Buying a new car and online dating are sort of the same thing...

You're looking for the youngest model with the least amount of miles on it.

My youngest brother told me this one, he laughed for hours afterwards.

What's worse than being a butt-half?
Being a butt-whole!

A family of hunter-gatherers sits down to dinner

The daughter, the youngest member of the family, complains, "There's a hair in my soup!"

"Well," replies her father, the hunter of the household, "technically, it's a rabbit."

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Why did Steve hate being the youngest clone?

Because all his genes were hand me downs.

The youngest daughter of a cannibalistic family was late to dinner

She got the cold shoulder

My youngest son gave me a dead leg yesterday.

Now I'm wondering where he got it from.

a cannibal family is sitting at the dinner table...

finishing up, when the youngest cannibal comes rushing in, panting, "am i too late?" the dad replies, picking his teeth "yep, everyone's already eaten".

The eldest of three siblings comes up to his mother and asks: "Mommy, mommy, why is my name Leaf?"

"Well, honey," the mother says, "it's because when you were a little baby, a leaf landed on your head."

Satisfied, the child goes away.

Later, the middle child tugs at her mother's hand. "Mommy, mommy, why is my name Feather?"

"Well, darling," the mother says, "it's because when you were a little baby, a feather floated down and landed on your head."

The little girl smiles and goes on her way.

A few moments later the youngest child runs into the room and says: "WARGLBARGLAAHRGLB?"

The mother says: "Shut up, Refrigerator."

Youngest joke, The eldest of three siblings comes up to his mother and asks: "Mommy, mommy, why is my name Leaf?"

"My first son has a PHD in arts, my daughter has two degrees in communication and jornalism and my youngest son is a burglar."

Friend: "Wow a burglar? You should kick him out!"

Dad: "Nah... he is the only one who makes money."

I was the youngest of my family and always got beat up by the older ones.

Mum and Dad.

An old woman is lying on her deathbed when her youngest granddaughter, holding back tears, says to her: "I love you, Grandma."

The old woman replies:
Oh yeah? Name 3 of my albums.

A little girl asks her mother why her name is Feather

"You see, daughter - when you were born, a feather blew in through the window and landed on your head." she replies.

"Then why is my name Leaf?" Asked her little brother. "You see," replied his mother - "when you were born, a leaf blew in through the window and landed on your head."

In comes the youngest brother, and yells:


His mother calmly replies,

"Please be quiet, Refrigerator."

Mother has four sons joke

The older three sons are blonde with light skin. The youngest is a brunette with darker skin.
The husband is laying on his deathbed. He turns to his wife and asks "honey, I need to know... is our youngest really my son?"
The wife responds: "yes dear, of course, I swear to god with all my heart!"
Reassured, the husband then passes away peacefully. The wife huffed a breath of relief and then muttered "thank god he didn't ask about the other three"

The School Janitor

Janitor: I know im just a school janitor, but my eldest son is in M.I.T., his younger brother in Princeton, and my youngest in Harvard.

Student: (amazed) Wow, what are they studying?

Janitor: Oh no, they are janitors as well.

Two brothers were fast alseep when the eldest heard a thud sound.

Eldest: What's that sound?

Youngest: Oh, it's just my t-shirt falling off my bed.

Eldest: T-Shirt? Why was it so loud?

Youngest: Because I was still in it.

What is the lowest and youngest rank of child-soldiers?


The naming of my children

Yesterday, my eldest daughter asked me,"Father, why is my name Rose?". I explain to her it was because a rose petal landed on her head as she was birthed on our patio. Curious, my middle child asked me,"Father, why is my name Lily?". I explain to her it was because when she was birthed a lily flower petal fell onto her head after it blew in through a window. My youngest grunted,"Raaghhrgh?". I reply,"Quiet down now Cinderblock we already fed you!".

I always wanted to become the world's youngest Elvis impersonator. My childhood was nonstop guitar practice voice training and dance class. I went to countless auditions before ever hitting puberty My performance was flawless but every time but every audition ended the same way...

... they looked me right in my face & said sorry kid you don't have the Chops.

A family moves into their new house.

Grandma comes for a visit and asks the youngest child, a five-year-old, how he likes the new place. It's terrific, he says. I have my own room, my brother has his own room, and my sister has her own room. But poor mom is still sleeping with dad.

Once a tap and a sink went to a bar.

The tap went in but the sink wasn't allowed to enter.
He said to the bouncer today is the oldest you've ever been and the youngest you'll ever be again. Let that sink in.

A girl asked her dad "Why is my name Rose?"

Her dad said "Because when you were a baby, a rose petal fell to your forehead"

The girl's sister asked the same. "Daddy, why is my name Lily?"

"As a baby, the petal of a lily flower fell on your head."

The youngest daughter then approached.


"Shut up, Cinderblock." The dad said.

Kim Jong-Un was very impressed with Donald Trump's rocket man remark...

In fact he was so impressed that he decided to name his youngest son 'Al Ton-Jong'.

What is China's by far youngest prostitute called? [NSFW]

Wei Too Young

I'm the youngest failure.

I'm the youngest failure , I say.

Don't worry, I'm pretty sure a miscarriage is the youngest failure a person can be.

As the youngest kid I often got beat by the two oldest.

Mom and Dad.

Man on his death bed

A man is on his death bed looking at his family wich contains of a wife, 2 older boys with bright red hair and freckles, and 1 younger boy with dark brown hair and blue eyes.

He asks his boys to go out of the room so he can ask his wife something. Sweetheart tell me before I die, is our youngest child really mine? She said yes and he took his last breath and passed away.

The newly widowed woman said under her breath Thank god he didn't ask about the other two

All the people who say that 'success' comes before 'work' in a dictionary,

I guess that they've never heard of the recent youngest self-made billionaire.

A Danish family are having lunch.

The youngest person, a 3 year-old, eats all his food and then says "I am finish!", as he couldn't talk properly.

His mum replies >!How dare you! We are Danish, not Finnish!!<

Teacher to a grade 2 student : Who is the youngest member in your family ? STUDENT : Papa

Teacher : How ?

Student : Because he still sleeps with mummy.

Poor daddy

A husband and wife have four sons. The oldest three are tall with red hair and light skin while the youngest son is short with black hair and brown eyes.

The father was on his deathbed when he turned to his wife and said Honey, before I die, be totally honest with me: Is our youngest son truly my child?

The wife replied, I swear on everything holy that he is your son. With that, the husband passed away. The wife muttered Thank goodness he didn't ask about the other three.

A couple has 4 sons

The first three were tall with straight brown hair and brown eyes, but their youngest son was short with curly blond hair and blue eyes. When the husband was on his deathbed, he called his wife over and asked, "Is that 4th son mine?"
His wife said, "I swear, on all things holy, that child is yours."
The husband died a few moments later. She said to herself, "Thank God he didn't ask about the other three."

I was chatting to my mate from Liverpool.

Me: So what have you got your kids for Christmas?

Him: I got the youngest a trampoline and the

other 2 a bike each I found on the internet.

Me: What website were they on?

Him: Google Earth Street View.

Told to me by a six year old.

Why was the snow yellow?

Because Elsa let it go!

I am a waiter and I have regular family every week on Monday. I exchange jokes with the youngest boy and he always wins free dessert. This week however he won a free meal for the whole family. I laughed til I made yellow snow

Edit. Did not know it was my cake day! I think this is my first joke post. Just wanted to share.

Three men are stranded on an island always covered in fog.

One is 20 years old, one is 40 and the third one is 60. After a few months, out of nowhere, the fog goes away, and they can see that not far from where their island, there was another island full of young naked women.

"Quickly, let's swim to them" says the youngest.

"Why don't we wait for them to swim to us" says the 40 years old one.

"Why don't we just admire them from afar?" says the 60 years old man.

A man with 12 kids was trying to rent a house. However, no landowner would allow him to rent their house due to the number of children he had. Frustrated, the man told his wife to visit her father's tombstone and bring all but their youngest child with her.

He then visited a property and told the landowner that he would like to rent the place.

"Is this your only child?" asked the landowner.

"No, I have 12 children" replied the man.

"Then where are the other 11 kids?"

"In the cemetery with my wife," he calmly replied.

A husband and a wife have four children. The oldest three are tall with blonde hair; the youngest is short with brown hair. The husband was on his deathbed and said, honey, can you be completely honest with me? Is our youngest son mine? The wife said, I swear to all that is holy, he is your son.

Then the husband died, and his wife muttered, thank god he didn't ask about the other three.

The old, evil, bald king had three sons.

The youngest one shared his traits but the two older sons were not of an evil nature. In order to make sure the youngest one succeeded him, the king captured a fairy and promised it freedom in exchange for a wish.

"I wish for my youngest son to be my heir" said the king.

The son disappeared and the king was no longer bald.

Ol' Jed

Ol' Jed was sitting on his porch when his youngest grandson walked up to him.

"Granpa, how did you get to live so to be so old?"

"What, I'm only 85!" he exclaimed before snorting. "Well, let me tell you something. Every morning I sprinkle just a little gunpowder into my oatmeal. It's good for the heart!"

"Gunpowder!? No way! Are you joshin' with me?"

"Nope! Mark my words. Just a little pinch every morning. You'll see."

Sure enough, Ol' Jed lived another 14 years before leaving behind 7 kids, 10 grand kids, 18 great-grand kids, and a 9 foot hole in the Crematorium wall...

Kendall Jenner is the worlds youngest billionaire

She's followed in her father's footsteps in becoming a self-made woman

My youngest said he was going to go out on a limb,

and I asked him if it would be an arm or a leg.

Knock Knock

My youngest told me this one.

"Hey dad. You'll always remember me right?".

"Of course son. I will never forget you.".

"Knock knock."

"Who's there?".

"Dad, you said you would never forget me!".

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