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I was cooking Chinese food down in Yosemite

... It was a Wok in the park.


Brain Transplant

Heard this joke from a gregarious bus driver in Yosemite:

A man at the hospital is discussing his condition with the doctor. The doctor says:

"So we have some good news, and some bad news."

"Ok... What's the bad news?"

"Your brain is busted. You're gonna need a new one."

"Alright. So what's the good news?"

"You have some options to pick from. First option is a lawyer's brain. This one is expensive. It'll be $5,000."

"Well. A lawyers brain. That's pretty good. What's the next one?"

"Second option is a doctors brain. That's even more expensive. It costs $10,000."

"Wow. $10,000! But a doctor's brain. That's even better. So what's the third option?"

"The third option is a busdriver's brain. And that one is $50,000."

"$50,000!?? Why is it so much??"

"Because that one has never been used. It's like brand new! Fresh outta the box"


Which US national park is most welcoming to Hebrews?



What do you call a racist bear?

An anti Yosemite!


What do you get when you cross a forest with an AK-47?

A lifetime ban from Yosemite.


Are those against upgrading to OSX Yosemite...



(OC) A man walks up to miners at Yosemite and says, your so lucky you got a mining permit here

The miner responds, we take it for granite.


What national park is also a Chanukah greeting?



Why you can't give a call in Yosemite valley?

Cuz it's invalid phone number


Yosemite Sam walked into a bar

Bugs Bunny was probably involved.


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