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Wanna hear a joke about eggs?

Nah, you'll crack up because my yolks, are egg-celent
Note:I've told this jokeat least 12 dozen times

I like my blacks like I like my yolks

Beaten and separated from the whites

What is it called when you crack an egg and two yolks come out?

An anomalette

Yolks joke, What is it called when you crack an egg and two yolks come out?

The Yolks

just white themselves

Why are people that don't eat yolks racist?

...They always want to separate the whites.

Why are eggs so good at humor?

Because they have running yolks.

Redditors are like eggs

They come in many different colours and sizes, but deep down they all have the same yolks.

Yolks joke, Redditors are like eggs

How did the rooster get a lot of chicks?

A lot of good yolks!

A Mexican comedian walks into a chicken farm

and starts breaking all the eggs.

The chicken farmer gets really mad and yells at him, "What are you doing?"

The comedian goes, "Well ese, I am in a bit of a rut and I am just looking for some good yolks"

I'm hosting a bake-off for people with speech impediments tomorrow

I don't know if I should whisk any yolks at all

Why did the comedian get kicked out of the hen house?

He cracked one to many yolks.

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Why does the egg taste funny?

Cause he can tell good yolks.

I'm an over medium comedian

I don't always make yolks, but when I do, they are runny

Not many people know that you're supposed to scramble brown eggs differently than you do white ones

It's different strokes for different yolks

Can I tell you something about egg yolks?

They're made way too **oeuf**en

Just watched a male chicken lay an egg...

I hate dad yolks...

Yolks joke, Just watched a male chicken lay an egg...

A Swedish friend of mine kept complaining that he could not get good eggs anywhere these days. I didn't know where to find good eggs either but...

I showed him this sub for the yolks.

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