Yogurt Jokes

What are some Yogurt jokes?

What's the difference between the USA and yogurt?

If you leave yogurt alone for 300 years, it develops a culture.

What's the difference between an Australian and a pot of yogurt?

Leave a pot of yogurt in the sun for 200 years and it develops a culture.

What's the difference between Americans and yogurt?

If you leave yogurt alone for 200 years it'll grow a culture

A young woman walks into a dry cleaner

She asks the elderly owner inspecting her blouse how long it would take to clean.
Hard of hearing the man asks, "come again?"

She responds, "No, it's yogurt"

My son told me a joke and I thought I would share it with you all!

My mom said I couldn't get a frozen yogurt. She said do you think I'm made of money?
Then I said, isn't that what mom stands for?

What do you call an overweight average ogre eating beef flavored yogurt?

A mediocre meaty ogre eating meaty yogurt.

What do you call haunted yogurt?

Paranormal Activia.

A lady goes into the dry cleaners

Lady: "I was wondering if you could get this stain out of my blouse"

The Clerk: "Come again?"

Lady: "No, this time it's just yogurt"

I'm starting a combination Frozen Yogurt shop and news stand..

It will be called Froyo Information.

How to tell if women is single

A woman walks into a store and purchases 1 small box of detergent, 1 bar of soap, 3 individual servings of yogurt and 2 oranges. The cashier says, You must be single. She responds, You can tell that by what I bought? The cashier says, No, you're ugly.

What do you get when you take a needle to a balloon filled with yogurt?

pop culture

So, two yogurts walk into a bar

The bar tender says "hey, what do you think you're doing? We don't serve you here!"

And the Yogurts respond "Why? We're two cultured individuals."

recently re-relevant

So Monica Lewinsy rushes into the dry cleaner with a blue dress clutched in her hand. Recognizing the man behind the counter, she says "I need this dress cleaned right away." Realizing that he has been spoken to, but not certain what was said, the dry cleaner responds "Come again?"

No, says Lewisnki. It's yogurt.

whats the difference between the USA and a yogurt?

If you leave a yogurt unwatched for 500 years it will develop its own culture.

Why do people love working at yogurt factories?

Because of the culture!

What's a pilot's favorite kind of yogurt?


What's the difference between America and a Yogurt?

If you left a Yogurt alone 200 years it would develope a culture.

I hope it's not repost

I was at a store and I saw some yogurt in a big bag with a spout...

I guess that you could say the yogurt was pour quality

My new neighbors are from a foreign country and refused to eat the yogurt I offered them.

Pretty sure it's a cultural thing.

Milk, cheese and yogurt may be different products

But their origins are udderly similar.

Greek yogurt

Its just not as rich as it was before

[NSFW]Four robbers break into a bank at midnight.

As they open the vault, there are only boxes. One robber opens a box and finds cups full of yogurt.

"We didn't find any money, but we got something to eat," he tells his partners. They eat their fill and leave.

The next morning's newspaper headline reads, "World's Largest Sperm Bank Robbed."

What did the yogurt say to the milk?

You're so uncultured.

I bought some Greek yogurt today

It started asking all of the other food in my fridge for money

Why are yogurt eaters sophisticated?

Because they're WELL-CULTURED.

Thought of this while making breakfast.

What did the microbiologist bring to the art fair?

A cup of yogurt.

What happens when yogurt is electrocuted?

Culture shock

I saw a man at the grocery store flinging slices of American cheese into the air.

He then started chugging cartons of milk right off the shelf.

After that he started smashing containers of yogurt open on his forehead.

It was shocking. All I could think was how dare he!

My girlfriend decided to quit her job at the yogurt company

The truth his, she never really liked the culture

What is the difference between America and a yogurt?

If you leave the yogurt standing around for 200 years, it develops a culture!

My friend is a part of some religious group that forces you to eat a pound of yogurt every day.

I think he may be a part of Yakult.

What's the difference between the United States and a yogurt?

That after 200 years, a yogurt can actually build a community.

Haha, happy late 4th of July.

My son complained to me that his yogurt was too soupy.

I told him to suck it up.

Why does a blonde open yogurt in the store?

Because the box says "Open here"

Why is there such a big contrast between Greek yogurt and regular yogurt?

Because they're different cultures.

My Wife Saw Me Licking A Yogurt Lid And Said "Why Don't You Lick Me Like That?"

My Wife Saw Me Licking A Yogurt Lid And Said "Why Don't You Lick Me Like That?"

"Because Yogurt Tastes Better"

The Divorce Is Next Tuesday

Why did the anthropologist eat a lot of yogurt?

So that he could understand culture.

Two cartons of yogurt walk into a bar.

Two cartons of yogurt walk into a bar. The bartender, who is a tub of cottage cheese, says to them, We don't serve your kind in here. One of the yogurt cartons says to him, Why not? We're cultured individuals.

A woman goes shopping

A woman goes shopping and she buys one tomato, one steak, one yogurt, and a small bottle of soda.
The cashier asks her : "you're single, aren't you?"
Yes, how did you guess?
Because you're ugly.

People made of yogurt are always well traveled

They are truly people of culture.

What kind of yogurt does a skeleton eat?


Two yogurts are sitting on a shelf...

One yogurt starts talking about art, so the other turns and says, "wow, you sure are cultured."

What did yogurt say to bacon?

You uncultured swine.

My friend once moved to Greece just for the yogurt...

...turns out he loved the weather, but hated the culture.

A woman goes to the store

She buys a cucumber, Greek yogurt, a gallon of milk, 2L Fanta, a loaf of bread, 6 pack of miller lites, can of olives and raisins. She then walks up to the counter places the items in front of the cash register. The cashier looks at the items, looks at her and then back at the items and says "I know you're single". The woman is surprised and laughs "That's crazy! How can you tell just based on my items?!". The cashier replies, "its cause you're ugly"

I like my men like I like my yogurt


Did ya hear about the yogurt just for married dudes?

It's called "Noplait"

Penny Pinching Dutchmen

Was joking with my neighbor about the Dutch being cheap. Told him the two Dutchmen fighting over a penny joke. He came back with this:

What's the difference between the US and yogurt?
If you leave yogurt alone for 300 years, it develops a culture.

How is prostitution like yogurt?

It costs more for Greek.

I was going to buy a greek yogurt today, every little helps.

Come on guys, lets pull together.

Did you hear about the Indian novelist made up of yogurt, cucumbers and onions?

He was a paperback raita..

On a recent flight I was surprised to be served breakfast.

Although it was only plane yogurt.

What's the difference between the U.S.A and yogurt?

After 240 years you'd think that yogurt would grow a culture.

What do you call the farts you get from eating too much yogurt?


What do you call a dog who warns you about danger at the yogurt drink factory?

Mango Lassi

Why is yogurt always in debt?

Because it's Greek.

Bank Robbery

A group of thugs bust into a bank. The bank is closed but there is a night watchmen watching the cameras. The thugs all find the vault and crack it open, revealing not money, but yogurt in little dishes. They all find this strange, but one thug says,
"We might as well eat it."
It's a sperm bank.

What is the difference between curds & yogurt?

Green card

What is the difference between yoghurt and America?

When you leave yogurt alone it grows a culture!

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