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Top 10 of the Funniest Yogi Jokes and Puns

How many?

How many elephants can you fit into a Matterbooboo?

"What's a Matterbooboo?"

Nothing Yogi.

A yoga joke!

What did the yogi say to his friends when they asked him to leave?

"Nah I'ma stay"

Why did God only make one yogi bear

He tried to make another but made a boo-boo

Yogi joke, Why did God only make one yogi bear

What did the yogi have for breakfast?

an ΰ₯lette

A prince visited a famous Yogi

When the Prince walked up to the Yogi, He was meditating in a handstand pose. The prince felt that it was extremely rude that the man would not stand up and great him properly.

The prince said, Sir, stand up greet me properly!

Namaste upside down said the Yogi

What did the Yogi say, when asked to leave the bar?

"Nah, 'm stay."

Why didn't god make two Yogi Bears?

Because he made a Boo Boo.

Yogi joke, Why didn't god make two Yogi Bears?

What's Yogi Bear's favorite ice cream?

Basket Robbins

Why does the yogi always meditate under the citrus tree?

It's a sublime spot

What did the Yogi say when he got kicked out of the club?


Why doesn't Yogi wear shoes?

He likes to go... bearfoot!

I'll see myself out...

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What did the Spanish yogi say when he broke up with his girlfriend?

No mas stay.

Why did they only make one Yogi Bear?

When they tried to make a second one, they made a Boo-Boo...

What did the homeless yogi say when told to leave the yoga studio?

Nah, I must stay.

Why didn't they make a second Yogi bear?

Because they made a boo boo

What did the yogi say as he entered the room?


What did he say as he left?


Yogi joke, What did the yogi say as he entered the room?

What did the indignant yogi say when he was asked to leave the studio?

nah ima stay

Yogi Berra has officially gone home.

But he should have gone to 1st for the force out.

Rip yogi Berra.

Why did the Yogi cross the road?

He didn't, I told him to but he just said "namaste right here"

What do you call a big hairy gay man that's really into fitness?

Yogi Bear

What did the yogic veterinarian say when asked for birth control?


What did the yogi say when his student asked him what he wanted for world yoga day?

I wish no gifts, only presence

some people say I can be overbearing...

But what else am I supposed to do with Smokey and Yogi, and Fuzzy Wuzzy with his skin condition?

What do you call a baby yogi?

An omelette.

What's a malibooboo?

Nothing much Yogi

What do you call a bear who is athletically flexible?


What did the obstinate yogi say when asked to leave?

Nah imma stay

What do you say to a yogi that asks you to join them for a class?

"Namaste here"

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