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  1. The Harshest "Yo Mamma" Joke... Yo Mamma is like a bowling ball...
    She likes to get picked up, fingered, thrown down a dark alley, then comes back for more.
  2. Short, but good nonetheless Every "yo mamma" joke has been done thousands of different times, by thousands of different people.
    Just like yo mamma.
  3. Yo mamma so fat.. that the only reason she opened her email was because she heard it contained spam.
  4. Yo mamma so fat... When you download a picture of her at work, the IT department thinks they're under a DDoS attack.
  5. Yo mamma is so old she knew Burger King when he was a prince.
  6. [astrophysicist's joke] Yo mamma so fat that you can see what's behind her.
  7. Yo mamma so old she pre-order the bible.
  8. Yo Mamma's so dumb.... She stayed up all night studying for her blood test
  9. Sorry, it won't happen again! Yo mamma is so ugly, when she brought a pig into Walmart, the manager said, "Get that pig out of here," and the pig said, "Sorry, it won't happen again!"
  10. Yo mamma so ugly She looked out the window and got arrested for mooning.

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Yo Mamma One Liners

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  1. You'll never hear a hindu tell a Yo Mamma joke... They consider cows to be sacred.
  2. Yo mamma so ugly... The whole world faked a virus just to get a mask on her face.
  3. Yo mamma's so fat... that she takes selfies in panorama mode
  4. Yo mamma is so ugly... I don't understand your Oedipus complex.
  5. Yo mamma's so fat... She had to get her drivers license photo from Google earth!
  6. Yo mamma so slow It took her nine months to make a joke
  7. Yo mamma's so fat They had to take her passport photo with Google earth.
  8. Yo mamma so fat That Thanos had to clap
  9. Yo mamma so ugly Your dad takes her to work so he doesn't have to kiss her goodbye!
  10. Yo mamma is so old… …that her social security number is written with Roman numerals.
  11. Yo mamma so fat not even dora can explore her.
  12. You will never ever hear A HINDU tell YO MAMMA JOKE BEcause we consider cows to sacred.
  13. Yo mamma is so ugly that when Justin Bieber saw her, he said "Never."
  14. Yo mamma is so...... Nice, I highly value the talks we've had.
  15. Yo Mamma is So Fat..... when she moons people, they turn into werewolves.....

Yo Mamma Funny Jokes And Hilarious Puns.

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Yo mamma is so ugly when she tried to join an ugly contest they said, "Sorry, no professionals."

Yo mamma so s**... her password needed 8 characters, so she typed "Snow White and the 7 dwarfs."

Yo mamma so short when she tried to smoke w**... she couldn't get high.

Yo mamma is so ugly, when she brought a pig into Walmart, the manager said, "Get that pig out of here," and the pig said, "Sorry, it won't happen again!"

Yo mamma is so hairy when you were born you had carpet burn.

Yo mamma's so fat, she IS the circle of life.

Yo mamma so s**... that when you you were born and she saw your cord, she said, "Oh, it comes with cable!"

Yo mamma so s**..., she put a quarter in the parking meter and waited for a gumball to come out.

Yo mamma so ugly, she came in fourth at a beauty pageant and she was the only one who entered.

Yo mamma so hairy when she lifted her armpit she said, "Welcome to the jungle."

Yo mamma's so fat she turned an airplane into a submarine.

Yo mamma is so tall when she did a back flip, she kicked Jesus in the face.

Yo mamma so s**... she was staring at my Ford because it said "Focus."

Yo mamma is so old she knew Burger King when he was a prince.

Yo mamma so ugly that her birth certificate came with an apology letter from the c**... factory.

Yo mamma so fat and scary, Godzilla watches "yo mamma" movies!

Yo mamma is on a seafood diet, when she see's food, she eats it.

Yo mamma is not on a diet, she's on a triet, anything you eating-shell try it.

Yo mamma so fat she broke your family tree.

Your mamma is so fat when she steped on the scale it said to be continued.

Yo mamma so fat she doesn't play temple run she plays temple roll.

Yo mamma is so s**......

If a zombie walked up to eat her brain, it'd just keep on walking.

Yo mamma's so fat...

The reserve bank bailed her out, cause she was too big to fail.

Yo mamma conforms to Planck's law -

the greater the frequency with which she screws, the more energetic she gets.

The most high brow yo 'mamma joke...

Yo mamma is so classless... she is like a Marxist utopia!

The best jokes also teach you something.

In 1954 John Stapp broke a huge record. Using a rocket powered sled that was going 632 mph, he came to a full stop in just over 1 second. He experienced 46.2 G's making his 168 pound body feel for an instant like it was 7,700 pounds and he STILL only felt half as fat as yo mamma.

Yo mamma is so fat...

we're all deeply concerned about her health.

Yo mamma so fat...

...she doesn't jump, she pushes the earth away from her, and it falls back to her.

Yo mamma

is so s**..., when I told her that she lost her mind, she went looking for it.

Yo mamma so bald...

you can see what is on her mind.

Yo' mamma is so dumb....

... She put a ruler on the side of her bed to see how long she slept.

Yo mamma's so old that...

...back in her day, old spice was just called spice!

Yo mamma so s**...

when she heard of "orange is the new black" she thought Donald Trump became the president.

Yo mamma is so lazy and dumb...

She thought Jungle Gym was Tarzan's cousin!
Original. You're welcome.

Another Yo Momma joke..

Yo Mamma so fat that when she stands on a weighing machine, it says "to be continued..."

Yo Mamma's so Fat...

That when she jumped in the pacific, Japan said "not again".

Yo mamma so poor

I saw her k**... a can down the street. Asked her what she was doing and she said "Movin'"

Yo mamma so fat...

If you undressed her with your eyes it'd take 2 days

Yo mamma so dumb... she studied for

A u**... test

Yo mamma so old,

she has a separate entrance for black d**....

Yo mamma's so classless...

she could be a marxist utopia!

Yo mamma is so fat

When she's sunbathing Green Peace comes and try to push her back into the ocean

Yo mamma so fat... the real reason yo daddy left.
Happy Father's Day!

Yo mamma's broke

Because she was so fat she didn't fit in her window of opportunity.

Yo Mamma so fat...

Yo mamma so fat, that when you were being delivered at the hospital the doctor had to send in a rescue diver. He pulled out you, 11 other kids, and a soccer coach.

Yo mamma so fat when she's pregnant she doesn't need an ultrasound

She needs a seismograph

If yo mamma wasn't so expensive...

... I could've been yo daddy.

Yo mamma so ugly...

my dog closes his eyes while h**... her leg.

Yo mamma so fat

That's it she just fat

Yo mamma so poor...

when she went to a f**..., she couldn't even pay respects.

Yo mamma so fat...

Thanos snapped his fingers and only she disappeared

Yo mamma so hungry,

Yo mamma so hungry ,
when she done fasting for a week ,world hunger problem was solved!!!!

Yo mamma is so fat

She got arrested for deforestation because she went vegan for lunch.

Yo mamma so fat when she moves earth moves in opposite direction.

because it's flat, you dumb genius.

Can we ban Yo Mamma jokes on this sub....

she is my girlfriend and I don't like to see her being joked about

What do you call a cow with two legs?

Yo Mamma

Yo mamma may not be all that, but she is like a bag of chips..

She's frito-lay

Yo Mamma so ugly...

Yo momma so ugly that we created a global conspiracy "plandemic" and ruined the world economy and expedited the new world order and ruined Trump's rally and banned the Confederate flag from nascar and cancelled major league baseball just so she'd wear a mask.

Yo mamma's so fat that...

...when she got covid the CDC classified it a super spreader event.

Can we ban "yo momma" jokes from this sub? They're old, s**... and have been done by literally everyone hundreds of time

Just like yo mamma

Yo mamma so fat

When she steps on a scale I see my phone number

They don't have "yo mamma" jokes in Japan.

They have "umami" jokes!

Yo mamma so ugly

The CDC recommends she continue to wear a mask after the pandemic is over.

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