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Yo mama so black

when she goes outside the street lights come on

Yo' Mama is so old, she dreams in black and white.

Yo mama so black when I clicked on her profile picture I thought my computer died.

Yo Mama So Black joke

Yo mama is so black, she doesn't even have white blood cells.

Yo mama so ugly when she went outside it was a black out.

Yo mama so fat....

NASA classified her as a black hole.

Yo mama so fat

that black holes revolve around her.

Yo Mama So Black joke, Yo mama so fat

Yo mama's so black.

When she went to nightschool, the teacher marked her absent.

Yo mama has been passed around by so many black dudes, they now call her..Spalding!

Yo mama is so poor, rainbows in her neighborhood are black and white.

Yo mama is so old that her memory is in black and white.

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Yo mama's so dumb that Rebecca Black taught her the days of the week.

Yo mama is so fat that black holes try to escape her.

Yo mama so black, I shot at her and the bullet came back and asked for a flashlight

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