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  1. Yo mama so fat... Yo mama so fat she has her own gravity
    But she so ugly people are still repelled by her
  2. My 7 Year Old Cousin just told me this yo mamas so fat when she fell down no one was laughing but the ground was cracking up
  3. Yo mama is so fat that… She needs to wear a watch on both wrists because of time zone difference.
  4. Yo mama's like a brick..... dirty, flat on both sides, and always getting laid by Mexicans.
  5. Yo mama so dumb that she spent 5 hours staring at a glass of orange juice because it said 'concentrate' on the package.
  6. What do you call a cow with 3 legs? Lean beef!
    A cow with no legs?
    Ground beef!
    A cow with 2 legs?
  7. Yo mama so fat... ...she had an heart attack while running an app.
  8. Yo mama so old... ... I told her to act her age, and she died.
  9. Yo mama so ugly She entered a Miss America pageant and nearly lost her citizenship.
  10. Yo mama is so fat.. ..when she goes camping, the bears hide their food.
Yo Mama joke, Yo mama is so fat..

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Yo Mama One Liners

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  1. Yo mama's so fat she went out in high heels and came back in flip flops
  2. Yo mama so fat. . . I swerved my car to avoid hitting her and ran out of gas.
  3. Yo mama so fat Thanos had to snap twice.
  4. Yo Mama so fat, when she breaks a plate It's usually of the tectonic variety.
  5. The earth used to be flat, but then they buried yo mama.
  6. Yo Mama so fat that when she slid into my DMs…. My phone ran out of space.
  7. Yo mama so ugly When she sits on her phone, it unlocks.
  8. Yo mama so old Her chiropractor a paleontologist
  9. Yo mama so fat... I pictured her in my head and broke my neck.
  10. Yo mama's so fat when she sat on a memory foam it forgot
  11. Yo mama is so fat… I know six fat people and she's 5 of them.
  12. Yo mama so fat I swerved to miss her and ran out of gas
  13. Yo mama is so fat She is literally attractive
  14. Yo mama's so fat Her nose can't even run
    Came up with this myself and was quite proud
  15. Yo mama's so fat... ...she has to upgrade her data plan every time she sends a selfie.

Yo Mama joke, Yo mama's so fat...

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Yo mama so fat, they did a story on how fat she was on the channel 3 news

I switched to channel 7 and you could still see her a**... in the corner of the screen

Yo mama joke I thought of it

Yo mama is so fat and old that she's still eating from the last supper.
Edit : Jesus Christ this blew up. Didn't know so many of you had to release yo mamas from your system.

Yo mama so fat

She has a watch for every time zone she's in,
When she walks past the tv, you miss 8 seasons,
She beat galactus in a planet-eating contest,
Thanos couldn't snap her out of existence,
Flash died before he could do a lap around her
And she ate a black hole because she was hungry

Yo mama so fat...

her carbon footprint turned to diamond.

Yo mama so ugly

She went into a haunted house and came out with a paycheque

Yo Mama has so many warts...

Her face spells "ugly" in Braille

The Earth was flat....

...until they buried yo mama.

Yo mama so fat...

That when she sends me n**..., my phone storage gets full.

Yo Mama is so ugly

If Bill Cosby found her unconscious he'd call the paramedics

Biden and Barack don't tell each other "yo mama" jokes...

they tell each other Jo 'Bama jokes.
(I'm sorry, it's terrible)

Yo mama so ugly

Yo momma so ugly the whole world faked a virus and ruined the economy just to make her wear a mask

Yo mama so fat...

Thanos had to clap to get rid of her

Yo mama fell down...

The physicists discovered Gravitational waves today

Yo mama is so fat that

when she walked in front of the TV, I missed 3 seasons of Breaking Bad

Yo mama's so mean...

She has no standard deviation.

Yo mama's so fat the only alphabet she knows is her KFCs.


Teacher: Can anyone use the word "fascinate" in a sentence?
Billy: I was fascinated by the sunrise.
Teacher: Good, but "fascinated" is past tense. Can anyone else try?
Suzie: It was fascinating to see the flowers grow.
Teacher: Good, Suzie, but you added an "ing" at the end of the word and made it an adjective. I just want to hear the verb "fascinate".
Ernie: Yo mama got a blouse with 12 b**... on it...but she so fat, she can only fascinate!

Yo Mama So Fat

When she takes a bath she doesn't use any water and it still overflows!

I would make a joke about how yo mama so fat...

But we shouldn't talk about the elephant in the room.

Yo mama so big, the stork couldn't carry her...

They needed a *crane*.

Yo mama's so narcissistic...

She makes cupcakes for your class on her birthday!

Yo mama so fat..

Your dad was attracted to her by the force of gravity.

Guys, just remember that every yo mama joke that exists has been done hundreds of times by hundreds of different people.

Like your mom.

Yo mama so fat, Dracula s**... her blood and got diabetes.

Yo mama so fat....

pickup lines don't work on her.

Yo mama so fat...

When she tripped, I didn't laugh, but the ground was cracking up

Yo mama so fat...

When she was buried, the flat earthers announced the earth is not flat anymore.

Yo mama so fat

When she sings.. it's over.

Yo mama

Yo mama so fat, she went to a weight lifting competition and won 1st place for standing up

We all complain about reposts, but do you know where new jokes come from?

A dad joke meets a yo mama joke... and then they screw in a lightbulb.

Yo mama so s**......

She put a ruler under a pillow to see how long she slept.

Yo mama so fat

She ate her laptop because the website said it had cookies in it.

Yo mama is so fat that she can’t even jump to a conclusion.

Yo mama so fat..

.. She spread more than covid

Dad jokes and Yo Mama jokes seem like they'd be the same

But the difference is a parent.

Yo mama is so fat that she needs cheat codes for the Wii fit

Yo mama so fat it's hilarious

I'm not laughing but the floor is cracking up

Yo mama so fat...

When she hauls a**..., she has to make two trips.
Gimme your best yo mama jokes.

Yo mama so dumb,

she tripped over the wireless network.

Yo mama so fat that she could use a bra as a parachute

Yo Mama so fat her Patronus was a cheeseburger..

Yo mama so old...

...she preordered the Bible.

Yo Mama so fat, You can hide behind her back and still be visible...

Because of Gravitational Lensing.

Yo mama jokes are classics

They're kinda outdated, yet still enjoyed by many.
Just like yo mama.

A guy walks into a psychiatric ward to visit his old man.

As he sits down in the recreation room with his dad, he spots a schizophrenic kid standing on the table.
The kid starts targeting each person in the room, busting out the freshest, most incredible 'yo mama' jokes he's ever heard; true originality at its best.
"That's incredible," he says to his old man, "That kid's got an insane dis ability!"

Yo mama such a h**......

Yo mama such a h**... that her privates are called publics.
i'm ashamed of this. but also really proud.

Yo Mama's so fat...

Yo Mama's so fat, even Spock thought she outweighed the needs of the many!

Yo mama so fat...

It takes more than a single processor to load her chunks.

Yo mama

Yo mama is so ugly that her portraits hang themselves.

Yo mama so FAT

She eats her dinner off of the tectonic plates!

Yo mama's so fat...

...whales harpooned her.

Yo mama so fat

The earth was actually flat until they buried her.

Yo Mama so Fat

She can't save files bigger than 4GB.

Yo mama and yo papa both so fat

...scientists refer to your conception as "the even Bigger Bang".

Yo mama so fat...

that when she says 'no',
it's a mass protest.

Why does yo mama get along with all men?

Because a dog is a man's best friend.

Yo mama so fat…

Biden just shot her out of the sky

Yo Mama joke, Yo mama so fat…

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