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Bigfoot is sometimes confused with Sasquatch...

Yeti never complains..

What do you call a yeti with a six-pack?

An abdominal snowman.

I told my friend to stop telling jokes about the Abominable Snowman

Yeti still does

Yeti joke, I told my friend to stop telling jokes about the Abominable Snowman

What do you call a ripped yeti?

The abdominal snow man.

What did Bigfoot say when Sasquatch asked if he was ready to leave?

Not Yeti.

The Yeti

A local married couple came forward today and said that a Yeti was spying on them while they were having sex in their swimming pool, watching them intently before running off into the woods.

Now, I've been called lots of things in the past but that's just mean.

What do you call a bodybuilding Yeti?

The abdominal snowman

Yeti joke, What do you call a bodybuilding Yeti?

The Abominable Snowman is sad because everyone runs from him when he tries to make friends....

Yeti still tries :)

Scientists believe that one day we will find Sasquatch, just...

not Yeti.

A spokesman for a group of scientists examining the possible remains of the abominable snowman has responded cryptically when asked for an update by a media representative:

Not Yeti

They say Norio Suzuki died in an avalanche while searching for the yeti.

But think about it for even a little bit, you'll realize this so-called avalanche is really just a massive cover-up.

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Did they ever find the Sasquatch?

Not Yeti.

Has the abominable snow man called?

Not yeti.

A Dirty Limerick (NSFW)

There once was a girl named Betty,
That said that she loved confetti,
So I shot my man-goo,
Through a fan where it blew,
And sprayed her white as a yeti

A man is lost in a forrest and encounters a Yeti

Terrified, he screams, "Don't hurt me!"

But the Yeti approaches him closer and closer, bearing its claws.

The man starts praying to God to rescue him.

God comes down and says, "Well, well, well. You never believed in me, why are you praying now?"

Flustered, the man exclaims, "I didn't believe in the Yeti either yet here we are!"

Has the harsh winter turned you into a snow beast?

Not Yeti.

Yeti joke, Has the harsh winter turned you into a snow beast?

What do rape culture and yeti have in common?

They both aren't real things

What do you call a Yeti that enjoys crunchs?

The Abdominal Snowman

What do you call an Italian Yeti?

A Spaghyeti!

What do you call a gay Yeti

A snow blower!

What's the difference between a Yeti and the Serengeti?

The Serengeti is usually warm, whereas the Yeti is a little cooler.

what happens if you get bitten by a yeti vampire

You get frostbite (this joke was brought to you by a sour patch kid gogurt)

What do you call a camp yeti?

A Sassquatch.

Why do yetis always know how to read the symbols on maps?

Because they are legends

What did the natives say when they discovered a Yeti living amongst them in their village?


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