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Why doesn't Yelp remove fake reviews of Indian restaurants?

Because everyone likes a little naan fiction

Why is Texas called The Lone Star State?

To warn you about their Yelp rating….

Have you ever had a leg cramp ruin sex?

I'm sitting on the chair when my cramps up and I Yelp so loud that my wife and her boyfriend stop having sex. They look at me and say "how long have you been there?" And I say "The whole time! I'm the one making this video."

My Yelp review of the solar system

One star

You should always feed your dog well,

You don't want a bad yelp review.

I left a terrible Yelp review on our solar system.

One Star

What's the worst rated US State on yelp?

The Lone Star State.

Yelp joke, What's the worst rated US State on yelp?

Q: What do small businesses cry when account executives harass them for money?

A: Yelp!

Whats worse to do for yelp users than despise them?

De-spice their food

Hotel Rwanda got a 90% rating on Rotten Tomatoes...

But their rating on Yelp was terrible.

Did you know that dogs keep track of how many times you've stepped on their tail?

It's your Yelp score

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my dad has a weird new version of yelp on his phone

It works like this. He drives around with it in his pocket, and stops when he sees what he wants.

I have a Yelp Page

My restaurant, Grand Theft Auto, is doing well, but I can't seem to get 5 stars

The inn that turned away Joseph and Mary got a horrible Yelp review.

Only one star.

What do you call the practitioner of a restaurant that aggressively goes after customers who leave bad Yelp reviews?

The sous-chef.

I opened a restaurant to show women that men truly listen to their wants and needs...

It's called "I Don't Know You Decide" and we serve whatever you want.

Yelp reviews say, "It's fine."

Yelp joke, I opened a restaurant to show women that men truly listen to their wants and needs...

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