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My kid just asked 'What's the past tense of yeet?'. So I told him it's 'yate'.

In the morning, yeet your breakfast.

Then you're full because yate your breakfast.

(mayeb it isn't really a joke, but he laughed when I said it)

I no longer call it "heading to the shooting range".

Now it's "going out to yeet."

Normal People: "Alright, time to go to bed."

Insomniacs: "Let's yeet these sheets!"

Yeet joke, Normal People: "Alright, time to go to bed."

Did you hear Robert DeNiro and Ben Stiller are gonna be in the sequel to Throw Momma from the Train?

It's called Yeet the Parents.

The other day I was mistakenly put in a Fortnite server filled with low level players...

I gotta tell ya, it was like an all you can YEET buffet!

An interesting title


I used to eat a lot of junk food and do Fortnite dances

But my dad told me you are what you yeet.

Yeet joke, I used to eat a lot of junk food and do Fortnite dances

Milleneal Pirate

What does a hypebeast pirate say? Yarrrrrr Yeet.

What kind of bread does a meme get at subway?

100% whole YEET

What language does a millennial coder speak in?

Y33T Speak

(Yeet Speak)

I got a Logan for you whoever reads this..........

YA YEET!!!!!!!

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What do you do if someone yeets you?

You take the antiyote.

What does a millennial cowboy say?

Yeet haw!

What do you call a Generation Z fighting style?

Yeet Kune Do.

\*badum tish\*

What do you call a Yeet who Yeets?


A Spicy Hurricane Meme

Imagine if Irma just goes "YEET" and completely misses Florida, an then starts shooting toward Texas.

Yeet joke, A Spicy Hurricane Meme

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