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How do dubstep DJs masturbate?

They wub one out

A guy goes on a blind date for the first time...

...And is kind of having a hard time getting a conversation started. He decides to try to get her to talk with a very simple topic: Music.

"Do you like dubstep?" He asks.

"Like it?" She responds, with an excited look on her face. "I wub it!"

What did Skrillex say to his SO on Valentine's day?

I wub you.

(I'm *so sorry* it's like one in the morning I'm tired.)

My Clothes Dryer sounds like Zoidberg.

wub wub wub wub wub wub....

What does the massage therapist with a lisp who is a dubstep dj by night do for a living?

He wub wub wubs.

What does a massage therapist with a speech impediment who moonlights as a dubstep dj do all day?

Wub, wub, wubs.

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