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COVID-19 is not a joke and should be taken seriously

A former patient was so brain damaged afterwards that he wrongly believed he'd won an election that he actually lost by 7 million votes.

I was wrongly fired from my job as a stage designer today...

I left without making a scene.

An artist has a 6 year old child who also likes to draw

His child drew a horse.

The artist asked, "You drew the horse wrongly."

The child replied, "How did I draw it wrongly?"

The artist said, "Why does the horse have wings?"

The child replied, "Why can't it have wings?"

The artist said, "It isn't a horse if it has wings."

The child replied, "Then why did you call it a horse?"

Wrongly joke, An artist has a 6 year old child who also likes to draw

My neighbour wrongly accused me of property theft.

I didn't take a fence.

What do you call a wrongly accused art thief?


I hope Amazon's drone uses better technology than the military's.

Or kindergartens are going to get a lot of wrongly delivered packages

Many people are wrongly convicted. How will the judicial system improve?

By trial and error

Wrongly joke, Many people are wrongly convicted. How will the judicial system improve?

What drink can wrongly convict a black man?

Tequila Mockingbird

Did you hear the story about the blind guy that was wrongly accused of cheating on his wife?

He wasn't seeing other people.

Why are tourists to Scotland wrongly arrested as pedophiles?

They say they came for the 12-year-old Scotch.

Why was a black man wrongly charged with conspiring to murder Bill Murray?

Because when someone told him his girlfriend's kid might not be biologically his, he said he'd "axe Murray".

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Why was the marsupial wrongly convicted?

He was tried in a kangaroo court.

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