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She can't wrestle...

But I'd love to see her box.

I walked in the pub last night to see 2 big blokes in there 20s arm wrestling with a huge crowd cheering around them.

I walked over and said to them, "I could beat either of you two in arm wrestle, hands down."

"Dont make me laugh," one of them said. "You're about 60 years old."

"I may be," I replied. "But I'm also a virgin."

One day before school..

there was an announcement about the big championship wrestling match after school that involved the schools hottest girl student. After hearing this John asks Bill if he wants to go watch her wrestle. After contemplating for a John replies "I guess, but I'd rather see her box."

Wrestle joke, One day before school..

What's better than watching a woman wrestle?

Seeing her box.

Two books arm wrestle.

One ruptures is appendix, the other helps him rebind it.

I once wrestled an anaconda for 3 days...

Then realized I was masturbating.

What's better than seeing a girl wrestle?...

Seeing her box.

Wrestle joke, What's better than seeing a girl wrestle?...

What's worse than seeing your granny wrestle?

Seeing her box.

Where do wrestlers go to see movies?

At John's Cenama.

I went to Costco the other day...

As I was checking out the cashier asked me " Do you wanna box?"

I said "No, but I'll wrestle you!"

Why do wrestlers love video games?

Because of the lutte

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Which wrestler has the finisher that stings the most?

Stone Cold Steve Irwin.

I met an amputee in a bar

Everyone in the joint called him 'E'. He had been drinking there for a few years every single one of the locals knew him. Apparently he used to be the strongest guy in the town

"Ya know, I can still arm wrestle with the best of them" E said.

To which I replied

"you and what arm, E?"

I got a copy of a story line for next years wrestle mania. I decided to spoil it for my friends by telling them that next years wrestle mania

is gunna be scripted.

what's a wrestlers least favorite snack?

A pretzel

If a wrestler pins you while having sex with your wife...

Is that a cuckhold?

Wrestle joke, If a wrestler pins you while having sex with your wife...

Waitress walks over to the table

Waitress - You guys all finished?

Me - Yes

Waitress - You wanna box for your leftovers?

Me - No, but I'll wrestle you for them.

My Dad actually said this is a Denver area Pizza Hut.

A group of maybe 6\-8 of us were finishing up our meal when a rather large woman \(our waitress\) came over and asked my dad if "we wanna box for our left over pizza?" Without skipping a beat, my dad looks her right in the eye and says "no, but I'll wrestle ya for it!". The look on her face was priceless!

Why did the wrestler always carry an umbrella on him?

Because he was the raining champ.

How do wrestlers enter the arena?

Through the Luchadoor.

Hulk Hogan: Doc, I had to struggle through manic-depression all my career!

Therapist: Are you saying you had to wrestle mania?

My wife can't wrestle...

But you should see her box.

My dad does this every time we go out to eat.

Waitress: sees that dad hasn't eaten all his food "Do you want a box for that?"

Dad: "No, but I'll wrestle ya for it!"

What do you call the gladiator who only tackles other gladiators?

Wrestle Crow.

For my late grandfather, his favorite joke. "My wife, she can't wrestle..."

"But you should see her box!"

And he'd laugh. And laugh. And laugh.

If I had to wrestle Satan and was allowed to pick a partner, I'd pick Bob Ross

He always knew how to beat the devil.

Some nights I wrestle with my anxieties...

But other nights we cuddle.

What do you call a traveling musician with no hands, who also loves to wrestle?

No-Holds Bard.

Have you ever seen a wrestling match?

Of course you haven't, matches can't wrestle if they come in boxes

My wife can't wrestle..

But you should see her box.

Wrestlers are stupid.

They compete for a belt and none of them wear pants.

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