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What did 50 cent's grandma say to him when he gave her a hand woven scarf for mother's day?

G u knit?

What do you call someone who makes and sells woven wheat?

A Wheat tailor

Long Sleeve Woven Shirts

If you try to get the best quality long sleeve woven shirt, then you have to make sure that good attempts are made by you to get the perfect one.

An Englishman, a Frenchman and an American are captured by cannibals.

The leader of the tribe comes up to them and says, "Even though you are about to killed, your deaths will not be in vain. Every part of your body will be used.
Your flesh will be eaten, for my people are hungry.
Your hair will be woven into clothing, for my people are n**....
Your bones will be ground up and made into medicine, for my people are sick.
Your skin will be stretched over canoe frames, for my people need transportation.
We are a fair people, and we offer you a chance to kill yourself with our ceremonial knife."
The Englishman accepts the knife and yells, "God Save the
Queen", while plunging the knife into his heart.
The Frenchman removes the knife from the fallen body, and
yells, "Vive la France", while plunging the knife into his heart.
The American removes the knife from the fallen body, and yells,
while stabbing himself all over his body, "Here's your lousy canoe!"

There was once a great Polynesian king

He lived in a magnificent palace made of woven grass and sat on a beautiful throne.
One day another kingdom gave him a gift: a new throne, even more exquisite than the one he already had. The king wanted to replace his old throne right away, but he didn't want to just throw it away; he had so many good memories tied to it!
Instead, he had it moved to the attic, and then he proceeded to sit on his new throne. Unfortunately, since the palace was made of woven grass, it couldn't support the weight of the old throne. Thus the old throne came crashing down, falling on top of the king and killing him instantly.
The moral of the story: Those who live in grass houses shouldn't stow thrones!

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