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My wife threatened to leave me because I wouldnt stop singing "I'm a believer". I thought she was joking

And then I saw her face...

A blond and a redhead are talking one afternoon.

Redhead - "So how was your weekend?"

Blond - "Not to good my cat got it's tail cut off by the lawn mower."

Redhead - "That's terrible! What did you do about it?"

Blond - "Well I got the cat and it's tail and took it to Walmart."

Redhead - "Why wouldnt you take the cat to the vet?"

Blond - "Well I heard that Walmart was the larger retailer in the country."

Credit goes to my mother for this one.

The egyptian man wouldnt admit he'd fallen in a river

I guess he was in de Nile

Wouldnt joke, The egyptian man wouldnt admit he'd fallen in a river

I saw my neighbour hitting his plants with a long stick. I asked him why he was doing it but he wouldnt give me a straight answer,

He just kept beating around the bush.

My dad doesnt trust anyone, in fact he has a saying about it

But he wouldnt tell me

Credits: Anthony Jeselnik

Today I saw a guy on the street wearing a "Stop Snitching" shirt

I asked him where he got it. he wouldnt tell me.

Bought myself a really tight fit bomber jacket the other day

But once I had got it on it wouldnt go off...

Wouldnt joke, Bought myself a really tight fit bomber jacket the other day

I am a widower three times over.....

My first wife died when she ate some poisonous mushrooms from the yard.
My second wife died from eating the same mushrooms.
My third wife fell down the stairs because she wouldnt eat the mushrooms.

I witnessed a murder yesterday

Those dam crows just wouldnt leave my garden

The fattest knight at King Arthur's round table.. Sir cumference!

He wouldnt listen when they told him to stop eating all that pi

My girlfriend thinks i am incapable of being faithful

My wife on the other hand has a sister i wouldnt mind if you know what i mean

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A vegan, a crossfitter, and an atheist are sitting in a bar.

But you wouldnt know it, thanks to the Texan telling you all about Texas

GF said she wouldnt have sex on the night of the Mayan Apocalypse... I guess T. S. Eliot was right.

my doctor gave me 2 months to live

when i told him i wouldnt be able to pay off my medical bills by then, he gave me another 2 months

When I was in high school I had to have sex with my teacher so I wouldnt fail algebra...

... homeschool was weird.

To All feminazis out there

If all Men were pigs. Wouldnt that make them also swines? 🤔

Wouldnt joke, To All feminazis out there

My wife bought herself a rampant rabbit

I wouldnt say its here favourite sex toy..

But its up there.

Why do snipers close 1 eye when aiming?

If they closed both they wouldnt be able to see

My girlfriend didnt turn off the lights when she left the house so I decided to end the relationship.

I wouldnt want someone that turns me on and then leaves

I saw something i thought i wouldnt see in 100 years last week. Baseball related...

it was pretty spectacular but...

I dont know how Glenn will come back this season.

I havent had sex in a while (OC)

I wouldnt say im asexual, more like a pathetic

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