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I don't know if Gabe Newell would be a very good president.

But at least there won't be a world war 3.


Valve should be in charge of the UN...

It's the only sure-fire way to prevent World War 3.


Why would Gabe Newell be a good president?

Because then World War 3 would never happen


I vote Gabe Newell for president.

There will never be a World War 3.


Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin are all sitting in a restaurant discussing their plans for World War 3.

A waitress approaches the table and listens to their talk. Hitler opens by saying:

"Okay guys, I've got a great idea. I already talked to Stalin about it, but I figure I should get your input. He didn't believe me."

Mussolini responds "believe you about what?"

"Okay this time, the plan is to kill ten million jews and one mexican."

The waitress at this point is intrigued and confused, decides to chime in. "One Mexican? Why do you want to kill the mexican?"

Hitler turns to Stalin and says "HA! I told you nobody would care about the jews!


A man walks into a bar and sees Trump and Cruz talking...

He asks them what they are talking about. Cruz says that they are planning World War 3. Trump explains the plan, which is killing 140 million Muslims and a porn star. The man asks, "Why the porn star?". Then Trump says to Cruz, "See, I told you nobody cares about 140 million Muslims!"


Gabe Newell should be the World President

He will prevent World War 3.


Hitler and Stalin

Hitler and Stalin are sitting at the bar. A patron walks up to the bar and asks the barman if that's Hitler and Stalin sitting over there. He says yes.The man goes over to Hitler and Stalin and asks what they are doing. "We're planning world war 3" says Stalin. "We're going to kill 14 million Jews and 1 bike repair man" says Hitler. "Why the bike repair man?" The patron asks. Hitler says to Stalin "See? i told you no one would ask about the Jews"


If World War 3 happens...

At least we will finally get some more decent Call of Duty Games.

It's a silver lining in the clouds.


2018 is the Year of the sequel.

Deadpool 2, Avengers Infinity war 3, Incredibles 2, World War 3.


The time traveler made a poor taste gag about the atrocities of World War 3.....

Everyone agreed, it was too soon.


Vote Gaben for president

and there will be no World War 3.


We should give Valve the rights for the World Wars

That way we'll never have World War 3.


Why would Gabe Newell be a better world leader than Hitler?

There'd be no World War 3.


Why should we make Gabe Newell president?

There won't be any World War 3.



A guy walks in to a restroom.....

and sees president Obama and president Putin at the urinal talking.

The guy: what are you talking about?

Obama: How we are going to start world war 3.

Putin: Our idea is that we kill 50.000 Ukrainians and an it-consultant.

The guy: why an it-consultant?

Putin says to Obama.

Ha, told you no one would care about the Ukrainians!


Why World War 3 will be the end

Because third time's a charm.


Hitler is threatening to start World War 3

He is dead serious.

ayyy lmao


World war 3 almost happened 10 years ago...

but when Chuck Norris showed up, all the armies went screw this and left.


Have you heard the one about world war 3?

It starts with a bang but ends with a whimper.


In World War 3, which country would retreat first?



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