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My grandfather killed 30 german planes during World War 2

He was easily the worst mechanic the Luftwaffe ever had.

Studying engineering in school is like World War 2.

The objective is clear, there's an obvious enemy, and everyone is fighting for the same cause.

Interviewing to get an engineering job is like Vietnam. Everybody tells you a different objective, you're not properly equipped for the environment, and the Asians are always one step ahead.

Roses are red, Violets are blue

Hitler blew an 11 country lead during World War 2

A World War 2 joke

Stalin and Hitler died and were recieved in Hell by Satan.

Satan asked them to wait in the guest cabin, because he had to search for the worst place in Hell for both of them (it had been a long time since some one so evil had come to his abode) .

While waiting, Hitler got bored and asked Stalin to tell him a joke.

Stalin said one word, "Moscow."

Hitler, after a long and hard thought, replied, "I don't get it."

Stalin laughs merrily and says, "Exactly."

Two friends are having a conversation about World War 2

The holocaust wasn't that bad.

Of course it was!

I'm going to go out and kill a million Jews and one clown.

Why the clown?

See, no one cares about the Jews.

British ship

So a British boat is sunk by a U-boat during world war 2
the British in distress send out the message- Help! Help! we are sinking!
the German U-boat picks up the message and says- What are you sinking about?

My grandfather was a World War 2 Vet

In a single day during the Battle of Britain he was responsible for the destruction of 8 German aircraft killing 32 German airmen.

Easily the worst mechanic the Luftwaffe had ever had.

There was this General-in-training, and his superiors were asking him questions

What happened on June 6, 1944?

We stormed the beach at Normandy, which later became known as D-Day, sir!

What was the turning point of world war 2?

Battle of the bulge, sir!

What's is the importance of May 12″ The Man thought and thought I don't know, sir!

The superior then said Well, I'll tell your wife that you forgot her birthday.

After World War 2, France seriously considered changing its name.

Unfortunately Iran was already taken.

A Jewish and a Chinese Guy.

Once two dudes, a Jewish and a Chinese were talking.

J: You evil Japanese started World War 2 by bombing Pearl Harbour.

C: I'm Chinese, not Japanese.

J: But you all look the same.

C: Well you sunk the Titanic.

J: That was an iceberg.

C: Iceberg, Goldberg, Bloomberg, its all the same to me.

What side did Hitler take once the nazis lost World War 2?


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World War 2 fans have their own set of complaints....

"I can't believe Hitler blew an 11 country lead!"

Why were the wives of World War 2 soldiers happy to see them?

Because the wives wanted to have their own D-day.

World War 2

Man: "Forgive me father for I have sinned."
Priest: "What have you done?"
Man: I harbored Jewish people in my basement to keep them safe from the Germans."
Priest: "That's not a sin. That's a good deed."
Man: "But I have been charging them one dollar a night until the war is over."
Priest: "That's perfectly okay."
Man: "I haven't told them the war is over."

Polio is a lot like how Japan was in World War 2.

Two drops and you'll be able to get rid of it.

Why did the Soviets wait so long to fight the Nazis in World War 2?

Their leader was Stalin

I'm gonna make a movie about a man with a speech impediment during world War 2

I'm gonna call it Schindler's Lisp

After Peter Jackson's successful launch of World War 1 documentary They Will Not Grow, George Lucas has announced he is making a documentary of World War 2 with remastered footage.

Spoiler: France invades first.

World War 2 joke

Sometime around 1943, when the Germans were losing the war, Hitler decided to boost his army's morale by visiting the front.

While there, he had the oppurtunity to interact with a soldier. He commented, "My brave young man, you are risking your life for the country by standing in the way of the artillery fire. You are sure to die. Would you like me to grant you a final wish?"

"Yes, my Fuhrer ", the soldier repiled. "What is it, brave one?"

"That I have the honor of dying with you!"

>!Dont laugh too hard. 200 German soldiers were executed for hearing this and laughing at it.!<

What did Hitler name the Gas planet he discovered during World War 2.


Zwei Gin Bitte!

During World War 2, two German spies recieved an intensive training in English so they could do their job in London without causing suspicion.

To test their knowledge they enter a pub.

Spies: "Two gins, please!"

Bartender: "Dry?"

Spies (confused): "Nein, zwei!!

After the World War 2

Finnish general Adolf Ehrnrooth was visiting England. British general asked him how many Russian troops were stationed in Finland. "A few hundred thousand" answered Ehrnrooth. "Where in Finland are they stationed?" The British general asked. Ehrnrooth answered: "Two meters underground around the border."

Why did we use guns in world war 2 against the Germans?

We could've used Frebreze, it kills 99.99% of germs anyways.

2018 is the Year of the sequel.

Deadpool 2, Avengers Infinity war 3, Incredibles 2, World War 3.

I asked a German if he lost something...

"No" he answered.
I replied: "What about those 2 world wars?"

How do you say "whoops" in German?

World War 2

After World War 2, birth rates and the libido among Japanese males was at an all-time low. Why?

They lost their tojo.

What was the most popular German coffee product during World War 2?

Cream Mate

Obama wins the Nobel Peace Prize and we stay at War for 2 terms...

Trump pulls troops out... world thinks he was blackmailed.

Is this really the world we live in now?

TIL that Britain was merciless in World War 2

It seemed pretty obvious afterwards. After all, their leader was already Winston.

My grandpa downed 21 planes during World War 2

He was, undoubtedly, the worst mechanic in the history of Luftwaffe

That World War 2 movie Overlord is so far fetched.

A black soldier in the same platoon as white soldiers!

Where was the highest concentration of Jews after world war 2?

The atmosphere

World war 2 actually started when Hitler asked what do I do with all the juice.

It was from concentrate. It was to be enjoyed at camps.

During World War 2, Nazis invade a convent.

They yelled: " We are going to rape every nun in this convent!" Mother Superior pleaded with the Nazis: " You can rape us all you want, but at the end of the hallway there is a room with a 100 year old nun in it. She is very sick and doesn't have long. Please leave her be."

All of a sudden the door at the end of the hall opens, and the old nun steps out yelling: "THE WAR IS ON FOR EVERYBODY!"

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