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Talking about Genders is a lot like the World Trade centers.

There were 2 of them now it's a sensitive subject.

What do Hillary Clinton and the World Trade Center have in common?

Both collapsed on 9/11 after becoming overheated.

Why were the people in the World Trade Center mad on 9/11 ?

Because they ordered pepperoni pizza and all they got was plane.

What kind of pizzas did Al Qaeda deliver to the World Trade Center?

Two large plains.

I built the most American guitar ever

Made completely out of mirror polished, stainless steel from the World Trade Center in the shape of a bald eagle carrying a rifle.

Only has one octave, but I enjoy playing it, from C to shining C.

Who are some of the best readers in the world?

World Trade Center workers, some of them can read 50 stories in just 8 seconds!


A man wokring at the World Trade Center calls out sick on the day of September 11th 2001. He turns on the TV and sees the news. His wife yells to him and comes down to watch it with him. "Thats terrible honey, is your boss working today." "God I hope so" he replies

I like my women like the World Trade Centers

Tall, hot, and going down

Yo momma so fat

When she went up the elevator the World Trade Center collapsed

Nintendo just announced the first haunted tower for Pokemon GO

The New World Trade Center

What was the last pizza ordered at the world trade center?

Two large planes.

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What did DJ Khaled say when the second plane hit the World Trade Center?

Anotha one!

The World Trade Center had a Speed-Reading club

they went thru fifty stories in thirty seconds

Who were the fastest readers in human history?

Whoever jumped from the top floor of the World Trade Center, they went through 104 stories in under 10 seconds.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

Whatever it is, its heading straight for the World Trade Center.

I mentioned to my friend Hanz that today's the anniversary of the world trade center attacks.

"Nein, 11" he said.

How much did the man rate his job at the World Trade Center?

A 9/11

what kind of pizza did the world trade center employees order for their party?

two large plains

What does an optimist call the World Trade Center?

San Diego.

WTC joke

guy 1- Did you see there gonna be putting a department store on the top floors of the new World Trade Center?
guy 2- No I didn't what store are they putting up there?
guy 1- A Target

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