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$1,000 worth of products were stolen from a Games Workshop today

Police are looking for a book and three pots of paint.


Why some put angels as Christmas tree toppers.

One year, Santa procrastinated too much and had an hour to go over his naughty nice list.

He was in a cabin gaining some progress when he heard a knock on his door. "Santa, we need your help in the workshop!"

Frustrated, Santa yelled "I'm busy right now, handle it yourselves. I can't afford to be interrupted!" And slammed the door.

Not 15 minutes later another knock is heard and his agitation is climbing. He opens the door and yells "What?!"

It was Mrs. Claus and she said startled "I brought you some food."

His face tuning red, he says "I've got a half hour left to check this list, I can't be interrupted!" He then slammed the door on his wife. He then says "I swear, the next interruption I get I'll just lose it."

About 20 minutes passed when he heard a knock at the door. He stormed to the door with a burning hatred when he opened it. It was an angel holding a Christmas tree. "Hey Santa, where do you want the tree?"


What does Santa and his elves listen to in their Christmas workshop?



Two elves walk into Santa's office.

Santa looks up and says, "Gary, Larry, how can I help you?" Gary and Larry look at each other, then turn to Santa.
"Santa", Gary says, "Are there any elf nuns in the workshop?" Santa checks a list and says, "No, I'm sorry but there are no elf nuns in the workshop."
Gary asks, "Well Santa, are there any elf nuns working any where in the compound?" Santa checks a list then says, "I'm sorry, but there are no elf nuns working in the coumpound."
Gary looks at Larry and asks, "Santa, are there any elf nuns in the North Pole at all?" Santa looks at his list for a few minutes and says, "I'm sorry Gary, but there aren't any elf nuns in the North Pole."
Larry finally busts out laughing and says, "See? I knew you fucked a penguin!"

'Tis the season for giving, post your best holiday joke!


I adopted a child from overseas...

I adopted a child from overseas.
To prevent him from working child-labour factories.
And on his very first birthday, we took him to build a bear workshop.


'How To Cope With Disappointment' ;-)

Saw a sign outside of an office building which said
"Today's workshop 'How To Cope With Disappointment' has been cancelled"


Why isn't there a neutron mod in the Skyrim Steam Workshop?

Because there'd be no charge.


A penguin was driving a truck

A penguin was driving a truck in Florida when the truck started kinda shaking. He drops by a workshop to get it checked up. Due to the immense heat, he goes by the nearest shop to get an ice-cream while the mechanic works on his truck.

He buys some ice cream and eats it hastily because of the heat and ends up getting some if it all over his face. While he was walking back to the mechanic still eating that ice cream, the mechanic yells out loudly, "Looks like you just blew a seal."


Help needed to workshop owl-based joke.

With an accomplice it works fine, I'm trying to get it to work with any random. Here's the stage it's at so far.

Someone you know told me that you do a really good owl impression.


Oh, I thought it would be better than that.

The problem is that most people's initial response isn't "Who?" but "Owl?". I'm trying to phrase it to elucidate the former but I've run out people I know to test it on. I'm not even sure it's possible, or worth it for that matter. THANKS!


I adopted a child from overseas to save him from labor factories.

For some reason he hates it when I take him to Build-a-Bear Workshop


A man rolls up in the workshop with his car

The mechanic asks:
"Woa there, what did you do with that? The Bumper is ruined!"
The man replies:
"Yeah, I kinda ran over a frenchman"
The mechanic replies:
"What? I mean all the mud there, I don't see any blood"
The man replies:
"Not my fault he ran into the field to escape!"


Bob's volunteered to give a C programming workshop but needs a topic

Give that man some pointers


Why is a creative writing workshop the first step when training to become a firefighter?

Prose before Hose


My teacher in workshop laughed when I said I could make a deadly knife out of cotton...

...After I sharpened the tip, he backed down saying, "I see you've made your point."


What's the difference between Build-a-Bear workshop and a Gay Bar?

At the Gay Bar, the bears stuff you!


My most prized possession is a genuine traditional coffee pot hand crafted in an artisanal workshop on the slopes of a Mexican volcano.

It's a proper Popocatepetl kettle.


Why did every tool in the workshop want to get with the sandpaper?

...because it was super-fine!


If an idle mind is devil's workshop, what is its kitchen and toilet?


Was planning on doing a 2-day Yoga workshop.

But thought it might be a bit of a stretch.


Why is Santa's workshop the best place for parties?

Because everyone's into Lapp dancing.


I heard the elves at Santa's workshop hot box the workshop every Saturday and just let a 3d printer do all the work.

Though it's not surprising since the North Pole is already known as a chill place.


What does German Santa Claus have in his workshop?



I asked my adopted son the name of the workshop the DCF found him in.

Build a bear


Marriage is like a workshop

The man works and the woman shops


Santa's Workshop

What kind of music do elves listen to?



Why did the tennis player get thrown out of his workshop?

He was making a racket.


Hammer and a Drill are in a workshop playing.

Hey I see saw over there.


Jim's volunteered to give an R programming workshop but needs a topic

Give that man arrays


Needing to workshop a joke

Ok soooooo my dad texted and needs a joke comparing Donald trump to Ronald regan and it being rediculous that an actor can be the president . Can anyone help?


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