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The Best Work From Home Puns

The tech manager said that none of the programmers will be allowed to work from home.

Because she'd have no way of checking if they were following the dress code.

NOTE: This is actually what she said and not as a joke. All I'll say is it's a hospital in northern Ohio.

My boss is mad that I was late to work today

I guess having a flat tire isn't a good excuse when you work from home.

Monkey paw

In March I found a monkey paw and used it to wish to work from home every day. I'm sorry everybody.

Work From Home joke, Monkey paw

Did you hear about the bomb blast in Pakistan?

Apparently the terrorists were tired of the commute and wanted to work from home for a while

Goddam new guys! They are doing so much better than me, and they don't even have to leave their house cause they work from home!

I guess you could say The House Always Wins.

If Fifth Harmony was unable to perform at the NHL All Star...

They can still have an option to work from home via satellite.

Why did the blasts happen in Pakistan?

Some lazy terrorists just choose to work from home.

Work From Home joke, Why did the blasts happen in Pakistan?

Why do the Heisenberg operators for position and momentum work from home?

Because they won't commute.

Work from Home. Earn Rs.2,000 daily. No Investment. Part Time Jobs.

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