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My Grandfather's Favorite Joke [word play]

A male prisoner promised a female guard that he would marry her if she helped him escape. This is an example of someone using a proposition to end a sentence with.

I'm planning to put on a theatrical performance about puns.

I like producing word plays.

My wife said "Why don't you write a book instead of stupid word play jokes?"

I said, "That's a novel idea."

Making an analogy that references itself is like good word play.

You don't do it anytime you want. You have to have a good reason to go metaphor.

The shortest word play joke ever. Dwarf shortage.

What do they say about a guy who takes credit for other's witty word play?

He has puns of steal.

Writing Twosday instead of Tuesday is word play

But writing Twosday twice is four play

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