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Today my friend met Chewbacca...

...she said he was "A big stupid fur ball." So he picked her up ripped of her arms and threw her out of a window. I mean everyone knows not to insult Chewbacca like that.
She made a Wookie Mistake.

Have you ever tasted a baby wookie?

It's good, but still a little Chewie.

How does a baby Wookie get around?


Wookie joke, How does a baby Wookie get around?

stormtrooper family dinner

So a stormtrooper tells his son its time for dinner.
the boy asks his dad "what are we having?"
"Wookie meatloaf." He replied.
After a few minutes of eating, the stormtrooper asks his son "How is it?"
"It's chewy."

When Chewbacca was learning his bowcaster skills he accidentally shot himself in the foot...

Wookie error.

A stormtrooper sits down to have dinner with his family...

His son asks him "dad what is this we are eating?"
The stromtrooper replies "Baby wookie steaks. How is it?"
His sons says "It's a little chewy."

What's the main problem with Wookie steaks?

They're a little Chewie.


Wookie joke, What's the main problem with Wookie steaks?

Why can't you eat a wookie?

Because they're too chewie!

Did you hear about the time chewie broke the light speed on the falcon?

Han said, "Don't worry, it was a wookie mistake."

I accidentally went to Star Trek convention dressed as Chewbacca...

It was a Wookie mistake

What award did Chewbacca win his first season as a professional athlete?

Wookie of the year.

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What do you call attempting to jump to light speed before checking the Hyper Drive first?

A Wookie mistake!

Why would anyone trust Chewbacca to fly the millennium falcon?

He's such a wookie pilot.

I had three Star Wars jokes prior to this. But none were any good.

I like my girls like Han from Star Wars

with a hairy Wookie.

2 Stormtrooper are eating a Wookie steak

it was chewy

Did you know Chewbacca got a girl pregnant the first time he had sex

It was a Wookie mistake

Wookie joke, Did you know Chewbacca got a girl pregnant the first time he had sex

Star wars dad joke heard tonight

Dad "Chewbacca seems kinda big for an ewok..."

Me "he's a wookie. "

Dad "he can't be, he's been in lots of movies now."

Why was Han yelling at Chewbacca on their first day on the Millenium Falcon?

Because Chewie was making too many wookie mistakes!

To celebrate Star Wars we baked some "Wookie Cookies".

They were a little on the Chewy side.

Have you guys tried Wookie meat?

I heard that it's a little Chewy

Luke chided Han for blaming Chewbacca when everyone got caught in the tree net on the forest moon of Endor.

But let's be honest: it *was* a Wookie mistake.

What do you call Chewbacca's Chinese cousin?

A Fortune Wookie

Nobody knows how a Wookiee taste.

Rumor has it that at least one is Chewie.

Did you know that Wookies can't smoke?

But they can *chewbacca*

May the Fourth be with you

What website do you go to in order to find the plans to the Death Star?

Wookie Leaks

What would a baby wookie taste like?

A little chewy.

I had a Wookie steak last night

It was a little Chewy...

Have you tasted baby Wookie meat?

They say it's a little Chewie

What does baby wookie meat taste like?

A little chewy.

Chewbacca's son enters his first hockey season

Chewbacca's son enters his first hockey season this year. With his impressive skating abilities and the number of goals he scored...

Its no wonder he won the wookie of the year award.


Wookie jerky wouldn't be too bad

It'd just be a little Chewy

What do you call a Wookie war-cry on the London Underground?


Two stormtroopers were eating wookie steak...

One said to the other, "How's the steak?". The other replied, "It's a little Chewie..."

I ate a Wookie Steak... was a little Chewy.

You should be careful eating wookie meat

It could be chewie

You ever tried Wookie meat?

Its chewy.

Tried Wookiee meat the other day

it was Chewie.

I had a Wookie burger the other day.

It was Chewie.

How do Wookiees taste?


Han Solo ordered a steak in the shape of a Wookie.

He sent it back to the kitchen because it was a little chewy.

You guys see that new hairy guy who started last week?? Moving slow, bad temper, and you can't understand a word he's saying..

C'mon guys, take it easy on him.. He'll get it soon enough, he's still just a Wookie..

Since its may the 4th, I decided to watch the classic Star Wars trilogy with my girlfriend.

First time she ever saw Chewbacca, and she thought he was an Ewok... ... ...

Classic wookie mistake.

(Oldie, but never gets olde)

Why is Chewbacca bad at shooting blasters?

He's a Wookie.

I went to a restaurant last night...

Had the Wookie steak. It was a little chewy.

What's the worst part about eating a tiny Wookie?

It's a little chewie.

The first time Chewbacca tried to fly a ship, he pulled gear lever instead of break lever.

A Wookie mistake.

I tried Wookie curry for the first time last night

The flavour was alright but the meat was a bit chewy.

Why was Chewbacca a terrible pilot?

What do you expect, he was just a wookie

I recently had the opportunity to eat baby wookie

The taste was great, but the meat was a little chewy

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