Wook Jokes

What are some Wook jokes?

Tried Wookiee meat the other day

it was Chewie.

You ever tried Wookie meat?

Its chewy.

How do Wookiees taste?


I had a Wookie burger the other day.

It was Chewie.

Nobody knows how a Wookiee taste.

Rumor has it that at least one is Chewie.

I had a Wookie steak last night

It was a little Chewy...

Anyone ever tried wookie steaks?

Apparently they're a bit chewie

Wookie jerky wouldn't be too bad

It'd just be a little Chewy

Did you know that Wookies can't smoke?

But they can *chewbacca*

May the Fourth be with you

What gives wookies cancer?


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