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Funniest Woody Toy Short Jokes

Short woody toy jokes and puns are one of the best ways to have fun with word play in English. The woody toy humour may include short toy story jokes also.

  1. Rumor is that Toy Story 4 will focus on Andy's mother's toys, which coincidentally are called w**... and Buzz too.
  2. I wonder if Buzz and w**... had ever met Andy's mom's toys. They probably have the same names
  3. rumour has it Toy Story 4 is going to focus on Andy's mom's toys Coincidentally, they are also called w**... and Buzz
  4. What's the difference between w**... from Toy Story, and a Catholic priest? One goes limp when a child walks in the room.
  5. The synopsis for Toy Story 4 has leaked. This time it focuses on Andy's mother's toys, also named Buzz and w**....
  6. w**... caught Buzz and Bo Peep having toy s**... w**...: "What's the meaning of this???!!"
    Bo Peep: "You got a friend in me..."
  7. I'm really thankful that Disney/Pixar brought us Toy Story It means I can go to Toys R Us and walk out with a w**... without it being awkward.
  8. Toy Story 4 introduces s**... toys... Incidentally enough, they're also named w**... and Buzz.
  9. What did w**... and buzz say to your mom? "Strange to see your toys have the same name as us."
  10. Every morning, I stay in bed until I've watched Toy Story all the way through from start to finish. That way I always wake up with a morning w**....

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Woody Toy One Liners

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  1. Andy's Mom in Toy Story probably has toys too. They may even be called w**... and Buzz.
  2. Ironically, w**... and Buzz ... were also the names of Andy's Mum's toys.
  3. The mom from ToyStory has her own set of Toys. Their names are also w**... and Buzz.
  4. Toy Story 4 Will Be About Sids Moms Toys Giving a whole new meaning to Buzz and w**...
  5. I get too excited at "Toy Story" auctions I always leave with a w**...
  6. Toy Story got it all wrong. You're supposed to get a buzz BEFORE you get a w**....
  7. Toy story 5 announced Starring Andy's mom's toys also called buzz and w**...
  8. What were Andy's mom's toys called? Buzz and w**...
  9. Yes, Buzz Lightyear could kill all the other toys But w**...?
  10. A carpenter was watching Toy Story then he saw w**...

Woody Toy Funny Jokes And Hilarious Puns.

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Why was Andy from Toy Story's girlfriend disappointed?

Andy's "w**..." wasn't quite what she was expecting.

New Toy Story announced for 2020, starring Andy's mum's toys

That are also called w**... and Buzz.

Toy Story's Buzz and w**... would make a great team at a party.

It'd come in handy to be able to get hard when you're drunk.

I wonder if Andy's mom from Toy Story has toys too

I bet they're named also w**... and Buzz
Inspiration u/antonyjohne


By coincidence, the mom from Toy Story had adult toys named w**... and Buzz Lightyear