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What are some Wong jokes?

I threw a Chinese man down the stairs...

It was Wong on so many levels.

I threw an Asian man down a flight of stairs.

It was Wong on so many levels

What do you call an Asian in an elevator

Wong on so many levels

A Chinese couple named Mr. and Mrs. Wong went to the hospital to have a baby...

Mrs. Wong had the baby soon after they arrived, and after they got to see their child, a nurse took it away for medical examinations. When she returned, she was carrying a white baby, not an Asian one. Mr. Wong was surprised and a little annoyed at the mistake and curtly told the nurse to go back and get their actual baby. The nurse insisted that it was the correct child, but Mr. Wong was positive that a mistake had been made, because, as he put it, "Two Wongs don't make a white."

I win every argument I have with my chinese friend...

He's Wong, and I'm white.

What do you call a Chinese man with a bad sense of direction?

Wong Wei

Chinese Sick Leave

Wong calls his boss in the morning telling him he was feeling sick and couldn't come to work.

His boss says, "You know what Wong? Sometimes when I feel sick I ask my wife for sex. I feel better then. You should do the same."

Wong agrees and three hours later he calls his boss again.

"I do what you say and I feel better now. I come to work in a while... By the way, you have very nice house."

Apparently the most common surname In China is Chang.

...correct me if you think that's Wong.

What did the asian parents call their retarded son?

Sum ting wong

I'm colorblind when it comes to race

I guess you could say I don't know White from Wong

What do you call an Asian guy in a lift.

You shouldn't call him names.
It's Wong on so many levels.

What did the Chinese couple call their black baby?

Sum Ting Wong

A Chinese man wakes up on the beach with no memory. He says he thinks his name is Fred.

But I think he might be Wong.

TIL: Phonebooks are banned in China

Because there are so many Wings and so many Wongs, you might Wing the Wong number.

Why is it never a good idea to use a Chinese phone book?

There are so many Wings and Wongs, you might wing a wong number.

I once kicked a chinese man down a staircase

It was wong on so many levels

Mr. Wong and Ms. Chin get married and have a baby.

The baby comes out white. Being a little confused, Mr. Wong asks the doctor about this. Doctor says, "Two wongs make a white".

I got into an argument with a chinese man...

He was Wong I was white.

The trouble with having an Asian fetish AND a foot fetish...

You're bound to get off on the Wong foot.

I want to create a Disney channel sitcom about an irreverent Chinese kid...

and name it "That's so Wong!"

A British man and a Chinese man were arguing

One of them is Wright and the other is Wong.

Why do asians hate arguing with me

Because I'm white and they're always wong

What did the chinese guy tell the police when he was caught?

You got the Wong guy.

Why is it so difficult to phone people in China?

The country is so full of Wings and Wongs, every time you wing you get the wong number.

How can u tell the difference between a Caucasian and an asian?

One is white, the other is Wong


I took my neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. Wong to the Hospital for the imminent birth of their new Baby. When the Baby was born, it was Caucasian. What's wrong with that, you might ask? Two Wongs don't make a White.

(groans expected......and justified)

Why is it so difficult to call Chinese people?

There's so many wings it's easy to wing the wong number.

Asian phone book

Do you know why Asians have a phone book?

Because there's so many Wing and so many Wong someone might Wing the Wong number

Why are there no Chinese names in the phone book?

Because there's too many wings and too many wongs so you might wing the wong number.

A chinese couple, new parents, visit their doctor. "We're a little concerned about our son", the mother says...

..."He looks, well, caucasian!". The doctor has a look and agrees. " I see what you mean. Two wongs don't make a white". The parents nod. "By the way, what's his name?". The doctor asks. The father replies "Sum Ting Wong".

The Chinese have taken over our office block.

That's wong on so many levels.

Chinese guy making a mistake in the elevator

Wong on so many levels

[NO SPOILERS] What do you call Doctor Strange's assistant in an elevator?

Wong on so many levels.

A Chinese man fell down the stairs of his 10-story apartment building.

It was Wong on so many levels.

A man wants his house painted white while he's on vacation.

Looking through the newspaper he sees an ad for the Wong Brothers Painting Company.

He hires the Wong Brothers to paint his house white as he's preparing to leave for the week.

When his vacation is over he comes home and his house is *pink*.

Angry, he goes to the Wong Brothers and begs the question "*Why is my house pink?! I strictly asked for you to paint it white!*"

The Wong Brothers reply "Sorry, two Wongs don't make it white".

Credit to my father.

Why couldn't the Wong brothers get their prototype plane to fly?

Because two Wongs don't make a Wright.

did you hear about the Chinese lift repairman?

, it was Wong on so many levels.

Why are there no phones in China?

There's so many wings and wongs you might wing the wong number

I am pretty sure I don't have any chinese ancestors...

but I could be Wong.

I heard they banned phones now in China

Apparently there is so many Wings and so many Wongs they keep Winging the Wong number.

How can you tell the difference between a Caucasian and an Asian?

If they're not white, they're wong.

I used to think my Karate instructor was very wise.

However, yesterday my pregnant neighbour Mrs. Wong and her husband rushed to hospital.

When they came back today they had the baby with them so I figured I'd go say hi.

Strangest thing! The baby is Caucasian!

I couldn't believe my eyes, this whole time my instructor had been lying to me; two Wongs DO make a white!

I'm not wacist,

I'm just good at telling white from wong.

An ancient Chinese story

Long ago in ancient China, the Wong brothers ruled 2 kingdoms, side by side. Life was well, until a neighboring kingdom decided to invade both the brother's domains. Citizens were killed and villages were burned to the ground.

Desperate, the brothers turned to magic. Meeting up, they devised a magical ceremony and went through with it. It was successful, and the enemies turn and ran while the destruction was reversed. Ecstatic, one brother had his transcript detail the ceremony, just in case they had to perform it again.

Why is this important?

It was the first time in recorded history that 2 Wongs made a rite.

Why cant you make fun of Chinese people?

Because its just wong

Mr Wong goes to the Eye Doctor...

Mr Wong goes to the Eye Doctor. He tells the Dr "I cannot see where." The doctor gives him an exam and says "Mr Wong, I know what your problem is. You have cataracts." Mr Wong replies angrily "No sir!! I drive Rincoln Continentor!!"

Did you hear about the block of flats that housed all the Chinese immigrants.

It was Wong on so many levels.

A chinese man is naked inside an elevator

This is wong on so many levels

So I had sex with this Asian girl the other day...

She didn't speak much English, but I think she liked it. She kept on screaming "Wong Ho! Wong Ho!"

What do 2 Chinese people call their black child

Sum ting wong

A Chinese couple have a black baby.

They name him Sum Ting Wong.

Why dont they use phone books in China?

Because they have so many Wing's and Wong's
That they might Wing the Wong Numba!!!

Id never make fun of an asian pilot

I think its just plane wong

If she's wong....

she cant be white.

They've got internet for vehicles in Hong Kong too...

They call it Wong Kar-Wai fi.

In the Chinese version of "Fight Club" the main character thought he had befriended a crazy anarchist.

Turns out he was Wong the whole time.

Why can't you have multi-story buildings in China?

That would be wong on so many levels!

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