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Women have eggs and milk in them...

And they say that they don't belong in the kitchen.

What do you call men who make "Women belong in the kitchen" jokes?


I like my women like i like my microwave

In the kitchen and ready to kill any baby i put inside them.

I really hate men that says women belongs in the kitchen

How are they then supposed to clean the rest of the house?

Jokes that say women should stay in the kitchen are so offensive...

How else are they supposed to clean the rest of the house?

A farmer has a new handsome assistant

A farmer has a new handsome assistant. One morning they want to go out into the fields to work. At the garden gate the farmer sees that the roads are muddy and realizes that he forgot his rubber boots (Wellingtons for the Brits ;)
He tells his assistant to go get the boots from the house. The assistant returns and finds the farmers very pretty wife, along with the equally pretty daughter sitting in the kitchen. He tells them: "The farmer just said it would be alright if I had sex with you right now!" The women look sceptical, so the assistant opens the window and shouts to the farmer: "Both?"
Farmer: "Of course both of them, what do you think?!"

The idea that women only belong in the kitchen is dated and offensive.

The rest of the house needs cleaned too

The stereotype that women should only be in the kitchen is awful.

The rest of the house needs to be cleaned, too!

I don't know why women spend so much money on sunglasses...

Wouldn't it be cheaper to just tint the kitchen windows!

a man was in a party with his friend barney

he asked his friend: "how do you get women to like you so much?"

barney replied: "i have a trick, every time i meet them i squeeze them on the butt, it has some kind of pavlovian effect or something but it always works"

the man then went home, him and his wife haven't had sex for a couple of months now so he thought he should try this trick.

his wife was in the kitchen, he approached her from behind and squeezed her ass

his wife replied: "oh barney is that you?"

I hate when people say "women should stay in the kitchen" are they supposed to clean the rest of the house?

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If men have man caves, why dont women have woman caves?

They do, we just universally named it the kitchen many years ago.

Feminists need to learn spelling

So yesterday, I was walking down the street when a girl claiming to be a feminist handed me this flyer. It said, "PUT A WOMEN IN THE WHITE HOUSE".
I looked up at her confused and walked away.

That was an odd way to spell kitchen...

I like my women like I like my toasters...

Two warm holes and never leaves the kitchen.

If women aren't supposed to be in the kitchen, then why do they have milk and eggs inside them?!

i don't think women should stay in the kitchen...

i mean, how are they supposed to clean the rest of the house from there?

Have you heard men get hit by lightning 6x more often than women?

The kitchen must be a very safe place

A man crashes into a women, whose fault was it?

It's the man, who drives in the kitchen?

They say men are 3 times as likely to be struck by lightning than women

Because lighting is 1/3 as likely to strike in the kitchen

Why do 19th century western women insist on staying in the kitchen?

It's easier to control the arsenic.

Why do women get married in white?

To match the kitchen appliances.

Husband: Scientists have found that men say about 10,000 words a day, while women say about 20,000...

Wife (Shouting from the kitchen): "It's because we have to repeat everything twice to you blockheads!"

Husband: "What?"

Why are women terrible drivers?

Because making sandwiches behind the wheel is a lot harder than making them in the kitchen.

Why do women wear white on their wedding day?

All good kitchen appliances come in white. (Don't hurt me)

Women belong in the kitchen.

Men belong in the Kitchen.

Everyone belongs in the kitchen.

Kitchen has food.

Felt compelled to share this offensive joke: Women should be like the light in the refrigerator...

Slightly amazing every time you see them, able to brigthen a cold dark place, mysterious until you find the little button that turns them on, constantly showing delicious food and beers, producing no audible sound, always in the kitchen, and there when you need them but gone at the flick of your wrist.

I like my billiards like I like my women, in the kitchen...

Just kidding, ball in hand.

Why don't women get hit by trains?

There is no railroad tracks between the living room and the kitchen.

Why can't women drive?

Because there is no road between the kitchen and the bedroom.

Why can't women drive?

Because cars don't fit in the kitchen.

I like my women like i like my kitchen appliances

Foreign, expensive, and dependable

Why do women have shorter feet?

So they can stand closer to the kitchen counter.

Women don't deserve to be paid as much as men and should stay in the kitchen.

I'd go on, but that's the misogyngist of it.

Why do women have smaller feet than men? It's one of those "evolutionary things" that allows them to stand closer to the kitchen sink.

Why do women have small feet and get married in white?

To match the kitchen appliances and get closer to the sink to wash up.

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