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A lot of women actually turn into good drivers

So if you're a good driver watch out.

Studies show that a lot of women turn into good drivers

So If you're a good driver, look out for women turning

Two women were fighting bitterly for the last seat on a bus...

The conductor tried to intervene but it was no use.

Finally, from up the front, the driver said, Just let the ugly one have it!

Both women remained standing for the rest of the trip.

A cop pulls a car over for going 20 mph on the highway

The driver is a little old lady, and there are two old ladies in the back seat.
The cop asks, "Why were you driving just 20 miles per hour?"
The old lady responds, "I was just going the posted speed limit!" and points to a sign up ahead.
The cop smiles and says, "That's not the speed limit sign, that's the sign for this highway β€” Route 20!"
One of the old ladies in the back gasps out, "We tried to tell you, Eugenia!"
The cop takes another look at the old women in the back and sees that they are wide-eyed and disheveled. One of them is tightly gripping the door handle.
"What's the matter?" the cop asks.
She responds, "We just came off of Interstate 190.

A boy goes with his mother in a taxi,

In between taxi passes by a red light area.

The boy asks his mother after looking at the call girls,

Mom, who are they ?

Mother replied: They are waiting for their husbands.

Taxi driver: Why are you lying the kid ?

He says, son they are prostitutes. They sleep and earn money!

Child Asks: Then mom what happens to the kids these women give birth to?


What do women and Nvidia have in common? (offensive be warned)

They both do not make very good drivers

A lot of women turn into great drivers...

So if you're a great driver, look out for women who are turning.

A naked women took a taxi

All way long, the driver starring at her in the mirror. She said "what? You never seen a naked woman?" He said "no. I'm just wondering where you will take the money out from"

Most women are turning into good drivers..

So, watch out for turning women!!!

Note: Heard it somewhere.. Just sharing for a laugh.

The bus driver shouts to the conductor

Two women are in a bus fighting bitterly over the last available seat.

The conductor had already tried unsuccessfully to intervene when the bus driver shouted to the conductor, "Let the ugly one take the seat"

Both women stood for the rest of the journey

women might actually turn into good drivers.

So good drivers, watch out.

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On the wisdom of King Solomon

This Driver has Solomon's Wisdom

Two women in a bus were fighting bitterly over the last seat available.

The conductor already tried to intervene but to no avail. So the driver shouted, "Let the ugly one take the seat!"

Both women stood for the rest of the journey.

Now that women can drive in Saudi Arabia there are going to be more car accidents.

Because there are more drivers.

Why are women terrible drivers?

Because making sandwiches behind the wheel is a lot harder than making them in the kitchen.

Definition of a tree....

Something that spends 100 years growing so that it can jump out in front of unsuspecting women drivers

If Caitlyn Jenner has proved one thing...

It's that women are terrible drivers.

Women across the country are turning into good drivers! if you're a good driver, keep an eye out for women turning

Why aren't there many female NASCAR drivers?

Because women always think they're right.

If two negatives make a positive.

Shouldn't that make drunk women the best drivers?

Women call me ugly until they see my car.

Then they call me an ugly taxi driver.

Why are women bad drivers?

They don't know how to judge what 7 inches is.

Women are turning into good drivers.

So good drivers beware.

Woman are turning into good drivers if ur a good driver watch out for women turning!

I have been trying to create a website for women drivers...

But it keeps crashing...

Why do women prefer to bang UPS drivers over FedEx drivers?

FedEx drivers tend to come early.

Bruce Jenner, substantiated proof…

Women are worse drivers.

I don't like women driver jokes, they are terrible.

Friend - what the jokes?
No, women drivers

A Pontiac takes examinations for the driver’s licence for the fourth year in a row.

The examiner asks him "So, you’re running on the street. You have a mountain on your right and there’s a cliff on your left. There are two women in your way; the one young and the other an old woman. Which one are you going to hit?"

"Of course the old woman!"

The examinet frustrated "I told you last year! You hit the brakes!"

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