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Just met up with my heroine dealer.

Got three Wonder Womans and a She-Ra.

How does a woman destroy a mans pride with 4 words?

Is it in yet?

How does a man destroy a womans pride with 4 words?

I don't know.

To anyone thinking that a womans place is the kitchen

Remember that's where the knives are kept.

Womans joke, To anyone thinking that a womans place is the kitchen

Men are the best cooks...

With 2 eggs, one sausage, and a little bit of milk, we can fill a womans belly for 9 months!

I am a man stuck in a womans body

It happened a few hours ago and neither of us want to call an ambulance

Happy Womens Day

They say a womans work is never done... Perhaps that's why they're paid less?

What is the first rule of Woman`s fight club?

Never tell anyone what are you so mad about

Womans joke, What is the first rule of Woman`s fight club?


His tongue got stuck in her booty!

Being a comedian is one of the professions that is considered successful when manslaughter is a nightly occurrence

Womans laughter is good too...

Why is a womans body like a day at the beach?

It's the only place where the snack bar is right next to the shithouse!

Two women are talking over the fence....

One womans husband pulls up in the driveway, and gets out of the car with a big bunch of flowers. Upon seeing them the wife remarks "looks like I will be on my back with my legs in the air shortly"
Her neighbour replied "Don't you own a vase?"

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I was once a man trapped in a womans body

But then my mom gave birth and it was all good

There was a huge success made in camera technology.

Now there is a camera shutter that can catch a womans mouth close.

What is a Muslim womans favorite amendment?

The second (right to bare arms)

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