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Top 10 of the Funniest Womanizer Jokes and Puns

I met a plastic surgeon at a bar last night...

He specialized in male-to-female sexual reassignment surgeries. He was a pretty nice guy, but a total *womanizer*.

Why was Pinocchio a womanizer?

He only got into relationships with no strings attached.

I once heard a story about Usain Bolt's tendency to be a womanizer

They said he really gets around

Say what you will about Clinton being a womanizer

But Bush had the Twins go down on him.

My friend works in construction and he's the biggest womanizer I know

He's got his girlfriend, a side chick and a backhoe

Why womanizer exists

" A man is like a shoe laces, he goes through many holes before he ties the knot"


What do you call a surgeon specializing in MtF transitions?

A womanizer.

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