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37 wolverine jokes and hilarious wolverine puns to laugh out loud. Read jokes about wolverine that are clean and suitable for kids and friends.

Have a laugh with these hilarious Wolverine jokes! Whether you're an animal lover, a fan of Wolverines from Michigan, an admirer of Wolverine from the movie "Deadpool" or an Expendables fan, you'll love these funny gags and puns referencing this dangerous yet graceful creature. Get ready to chuckle at these manatee-level jokes!

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Funniest Wolverine Short Jokes

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  1. You can tell that Wolverine is a canadian character written by an American His superpower is healthcare
  2. Why shouldn't you enter into a contract with Wolverine? Because of his retractable clause.
  3. During interviews he seems like such a nice guy, but the actor who plays Wolverine is a real phoney It's a huge act, man..
  4. If the actor who plays Wolverine were to reveal that he's been a con-artist his entire life.... Would that mean this has all been a huge act, man?
  5. After much consideration, I do not believe Wolverine in the X-Men movies is real. It's obviously just a huge act, man.
  6. My mate wears the same jacket when he's impersonating either Matt Damon or Hugh Jackman. Maybe he's Bourne with it, maybe it's Wolverine.
  7. What did Wolverine use to cut down trees before he got the adamantium treatment? He used a huge axe, man.
  8. Daniel Radcliffe would make a good Wolverine Wolverine's short and hairy; Daniel is short and Harry.
  9. So apparently the guy who played Wolverine had a pet sea cow, but it was murdered... It was a crime against Hugh's manatee.
  10. What do you call a cross between a skunk, a wolverine, and a porcupine? "Sir" from a distance.

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Wolverine One Liners

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  1. Why shouldn't you make a agreement with wolverine ? Because of his retractable Clause
  2. What do Caitlyn Jenner and Wolverine have in common? They are both X-Men.
  3. You should never sign a contract with Wolverine. He has retractable clause.
  4. What are Wolverine's favorite type of cookie? SNIKT-doodles
  5. Thank God Wolverine isn't italian...
  6. My dad is just like Wolverine. Dead.
  7. What did storm say when she saw wolverine chopping wood? That's a huge axe man!
  8. That man looks just like Wolverine! Yeah I guess he is a huge jacked man.
  9. What did Wolverine say to his girlfriend after weeks without showering? Hi Jean!
  10. Whats's Wolverine's favoirte book? 50 Shades of Jean Grey
  11. If Wolverine was a DJ what type of music would he make? Bub-step
  12. What's Wolverines favorite food? Kabubs
  13. What do you call the female version of Wolverine? Vulvarine.
  14. Do you know who plays Wolverine? Yeah, that huge jacked man
  15. I knew I was capable of circumcising wolverine. I just needed hubris.

Wolverine joke, I knew I was capable of circumcising wolverine.

Playful Wolverine Jokes to Add Joy and Laughter to Your Group

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What's the difference between Wolverine and Paul Bunyan?

One's a Hugh Jackman, the other is a huge ax man.

If the last Wolverine movie is a cross country chase...

then why isn't it called Logan's Run?

Wolverine has only m**... once

It was shortly before he became an Xman

For Halloween, my neighbor put up a Wolverine themed scarecrow. And it's terrifying my daughter.

I guess she is claw-straw-phobic...

The actor who plays Wolverine once owned a sea cow, but it was murdered... was a crime against Hugh's manatee.

It's the day of the big game, and a (pick your rivalry) Michigan fan meets an Ohio State fan at the u**... trough...

The Buckeye notices that the Michigan fan doesn't wash his hands after he uses the bathroom. He snidely remarks, "You know, at The Ohio State University, they teach us to wash our hands after using the bathroom."
The Wolverine pauses, looks back, and says, "Good for you. At Michigan, they teach us not to pee on our hands."

Wolverine joke, It's the day of the big game, and a (pick your rivalry) Michigan fan meets an Ohio State fan at the