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Three old farts talking

Three very elderly men are discussing their medical woes.
The 70-year-old says,
\- I have an awful time with my bladder. I have to go all the time, and sometimes it comes on pretty suddenly."
The 80-year-old says,
\- It's my bowels. Hardly any control at all. Always having to jam this walker to full speed."
The 90-year-old retorts,
\- I've got it all over you guys. Bladder works find, 7 AM like clockwork. Bowels at eight. Everything works like it order. Long pause;
\- I only wish I could wake up before noon.

I hear the new PM has a bold plan to solve Britain's energy woes


Well, you know what Monty Python always say...

A man sees his friend looking rather melancholy and tries to cheer her up. After listening to her woes he says to her "Well, you know what Monty Python always say..."
She rolls her eyes "Always look on the bright side of life?"

Relationship woes...

I was dating a radiographer. She was a lovely girl, but we broke up recently.
I was lying and she saw right through me.
Still, at least she knew my heart was in the right place.

Why didn't Drake head on down to South Park?

He would never leave his woes behind.

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