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A young woman boards a packed bus and goes: "Won't someone give their seat to a pregnant woman?"

As she looks around, a young man jumps up and offers his seat: "Here, sit down!"
With a sigh, she lets herself down on the seat and says "Thank you so much!". The young man: "I'm sorry, but it's not very visible yet. How long have you been pregnant?" She answers: "For about half an hour now. My knees are still all wobbly!"

Did you hear about the dizzy marsupial?

It was a wobbly wallaby.

I'd like to congratulate the inventor of the wobbly table

He must be successful with them being in every restaurant and cafe

What is wobbly and flies?

A Jellycopter

What's loud and wobbly?

Right now, most of England.

Even the Prime Minister's name is weak and wobbly.

It's never Theresa Will do something, it's always Theresa May do something.

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