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So this guy had found a magic lamp, which had a genie in it. After a while...

**Genie:** So master, you have one wish left, think wisely.

**Guy:** Hmmm, I wish there was a railroad that connect New York City to Moscow.

**Genie:** That... is quite a big wish you got there. Do you have anything more reasonable?

**Guy:** In that case, I wish I was able to understand women.

**Genie:** Did you want your railroad to be single or double track?

After just 2 days.....

...... I have lost my new job as the marketing manager of Nestle.
They gave me a £3 million advertising budget and told me to spend it wisely or lose my job.
I pulled up in my Ferrari this morning and said, I've decided to lose my job.

Walking home drunk

The man was in no shape to drive, so he wisely left his car parked and walked home. As he was walking unsteadily along, he was stopped by a policeman. "What are you doing out here at 2 A.M.?" asked the officer.
"I'm going to a lecture." The man said.
"And who is going to give a lecture at this hour?" the cop asked.
"My wife," said the man.

Wisely joke, Walking home drunk

A man had 3 problems...

A man had 3 problems:

1: He was very poor

2: He had no children with his wife

3: His mother was blind

An angel appeared to him and asked him to make a wish. Just one. Now his wife wants a child, his mother wants to see and he wants to be rich...

Ah, what embarrassment!

After reflecting a bit, he said wisely to the angel:

"I just want my mother to see my children eating in golden plates."

My friend eats his fortune cookies with the fortune still inside.

I think he chews wisely

What do you call a dog that wisely saves money for retirement?

A 401(K-9).

Russian spacecrafts designed in 1960s don't come around often

Soyuz them wisely.

Wisely joke, Russian spacecrafts designed in 1960s don't come around often

A mother is cooking in her kitchen when...

A mother is cooking in her kitchen when she picks up the pot. A genie comes out of the pot and says " You have one whisk, use it wisely"

What did the salesman at footlocker say to the customer?

Shoes wisely

Have you heard about the baker who invested wisely and got to retire early?

He no longer kneaded the dough!

There's gold in laughter.

Well, and slaughter.

Choose wisely.

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How do you tell if a homeless man has a girlfriend?

It's easy, he's got 2 clean fingers.

You can say mechanic, plumber, welder etc. This joke has versatility, use it wisely.

If you're buying stocks. Always buy wisely.

You don't want to get *invested* in something bad.

Whenever my mum tells me to budget wisely, I remind her that she spent £80 on a dog coat.

And we don't even have a dog.

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