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What sort of grades did Tommy Wiseau receive in school?

Oh, high marks.

Why didn't Rihanna date Tommy Wiseau?

Because he did not hit her.

Tommy Wiseau walks into Communist Party HQ

Oh hai Marx

Wiseau joke, Tommy Wiseau walks into Communist Party HQ

What did Tommy Wiseau say to his wife when she was making pulled pork?

You're tearing meat apart Lisa!

What did Tommy Wiseau say when he tried pegging for the first time?

"You're tearing me apart Lisa!"

What did Tommy Wiseau get on his exam?

High mark.

What did Tommy Wiseau say when he got an A on his final?

Oh, hi Marks!

Wiseau joke, What did Tommy Wiseau say when he got an A on his final?

Tommy Wiseau made a quick announcement today

He said " oh hi March"!

Tommy Wiseau was considering casting Dumbo as a lead actor

He changed his mind because nobody would talk about the elephant in the room.

I'd dress as Tommy Wiseau for Halloween.

But the costume and accessories aren't cheap cheap cheap cheap cheap cheap.

Tommy Wiseau was my favorite college professor

He always gave me hai marks

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A Wiseau man once told me

Oh hi Mark.

What did Tommy Wiseau say when he visited Facebook HQ?

Oh, hi Mark.

What kind of insurance does Tommy Wiseau have?


What did the creator of the film, The Room, ask after someone told him the movie was really bad?


What does Tommy Wiseau say when he enters his favourite US state?

Oh hi, OH

Wiseau joke, What does Tommy Wiseau say when he enters his favourite US state?

Tommy Wiseau went around America greeting people named after letters.

He went to Chicago: "Oh hai M"
He went to Indianapolis: "Oh hai N"
We went to Cleveland: "Oh hai O"

Did you know Tommy Wiseau wrote a poem?

Oh, Haiku.

What does Tommy Wiseau say after he's finished having sex?

I did nut

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