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In a theater

A man is stretched out on his back across four seats in a theater. The usher comes down and says, Mister, you will have to get out of those four seats. You are only entitled to one.

The man only grunts and does not move. The manager comes down and says to the man, Mister, you will have to get up. All you are entitled to is one seat. The man grunts and does not move.

Finally a policeman is called in. He walks down the aisle and says to the man who is still on the four seats, Get out of those seats!

The man grunts, and policeman says, Okay, wise guy, where are you from? The man moans and says, The balcony.

A wise saying

Build a fire for a man, and he will be warm for a day.

Set him on fire, and he will be warm for the rest of his liffe.

A man asked a wise Guru: "What is the secret to eternal happiness?"

The wise Guru answered: "To not argue with fools."

The man says: "I disagree."

The wise Guru replied: "Yes, you are right."

An angel appears to a man in a dream...

The angel offers him a choice - He can have the Wisdom of Solomon, or $50,000,000. Believing that this was a test from God, the man choses Wisdom.

The next morning, the man is having breakfast with his friends and he recants the story to them. When he's finished, one friend says, If you're so wise now, then tell us some words of wisdom.

The man says, I should have taken the money.

Belated holiday joke

Q: What did the 3 Wise Men say to the crazy man?

A: "You make no Frankincense!!"

So 3 wise men go to see baby Jesus

and the first wise man shows up and gives baby Jesus some Gold.

The second wise man shows up and gives him some Frakensense.

The third wise man shows up and says "But wait, theres myrrh!"

What did the wise man say to the fat guy?

You should probably go on a diet.

What did the wise man say to the science class?

Many photons make light work.

When is the only time a woman says something smart?

When her sentence starts with "A wise man once said"

An old man walks into a dollar store.

He walks up to the cashier empty handed.

"Aren't you going to buy anything?" asks the cashier?

"No, I'm only here to preach the need for change," says the old man smugly.

Exasperated, the cashier asks, "what are you, a wise guy?"

The old man responds, "no, I'm a pundit"."

How do you tell if a homeless man has a girlfriend?

It's easy, he's got 2 clean fingers.

You can say mechanic, plumber, welder etc. This joke has versatility, use it wisely.

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A wise man told me that the mobile network carrier you choose says a lot about your life

No wonder I use Virgin Mobile.

Wise man say...

Man who passes gas in church sits in own pew.

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