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Top 10 of the Funniest Winter Break Jokes and Puns

My parents and I came to the US from Germany when I was a little girl.

They didn't speak much English, but were experienced educators back home. One winter, they decided to open a tutoring/ study session program to help students stay productive and focus over the break. It wasn't until after a flood of angry phone calls and visitors that we realized that "Concentration Camp" was not an ideal program name.

Poor Grandma

I was visiting my poor, penny pinching old grandma over Christmas break. When I tried to shower, I found that there was no hot water.

I shouted, "Grandma? Why does your shower only run cold water in the middle of winter?"

She replied, "I still have some cold medicine from last winter that will expire if I don't use it up!'

Culturally no one in alaska dates in the winter.

When asked why, one alaskan replied, "We try, but its hard to break the ice."

What do you call a person who breaks into your home in winter?

A burrrrrgler

From my bf. Who hates puns.

What is it called when a chemist has a really great winter break?


During winter break, I visited Paris...

My mother, a fan of operas, brought me to experience one. The performance was phenomenal. Audience members were crying. I'll admit I shed a tear, but when I left the opera house, I found more people crying too! At first, I thought the music could be heard from outside, but it turns out, it was just the tear gas down the street.

One winter a father and son go hunting (NSFW)

After sometime they decide to take a pee break. The son unzips his layers of clothing and begins to pee. He notices his dad searching frantically in his pants

Dad, what's wrong?

I can never find anything of mine after your mother's touched it!

Exams done

Essays? Done.
Winter Break? Started.
Tea? Hot.
Cookies? Fresh.
Hotel? Trivago.

Why are more black people run over in winter than in summer?

The breaking distance is longer on snow.

The last week of school before winter break...

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